Styling Techniques for Less Hair Damage

Tips to style your hair without welcoming any damage.

Do you love straightening or curling your hair every day? We know how the temptation of hair styling leads you to experiment and create a new hair style on a daily basis. But are you aware of the damage it does to your hair? Using heated tools, that too every day, can lead to severe hair damage. Styling sprays are no good too. All these tools leave your hair dry and dehydrated. If not taken care of, you witness aggressive hair loss as well. Hair styling techniques and tools may give you the pleasure to enjoy a stylish hair look for some time but in the long run, they only damage your hair and nothing else.

As much as you love a great-looking look, you can’t run from the fact above. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t style your hair at all. We, in no way, want you to get out of bed and go straight to your office without a presentable look. So, for that purpose only, we have found five interesting hair styling techniques and tips. These tips can help you create your favourite hair looks with your tools but without causing any damage. Sounds unreal? Read ahead to kill your doubts.

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For the sake of your hair and those healthy looks, follow the tips below.

Five Styling Tips to Prevent Hair Damage

  1. Use the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Your shampoo and your conditioner play a great role in your life. Your hair needs a perfect shampoo to ensure it retains its healthy locks and texture. Before you change your tools, make sure to buy a shampoo that meets your hair needs. Shampoos and conditioners that provide the best hair protection are safe to use. All sulfate-free shampoos are safe. Read the labels to make sure what ingredients you are putting in your head. The same goes for when you buy a conditioner. Read the labels and confirm the presence of keratin. Keratin helps build moisture in your hair and improves your hair colour and texture.

In addition to the right shampoo and conditioner, make sure to use a hair mask twice every week. Hair masks nourish, hydrate and improve your hair texture. With the right shampoo, conditioner and mask, you can style your hair just the way you like.

  1. Use Ceramic Plates with all your Heating Tools

With the right technique, you can use heated tools as many times as you want. You cannot simply avoid this equipment so use the ones that provide protection. Top-quality heated tools come with ceramic plates. Straighteners or curlers with ceramic plates protect your hair against negative ions. These ions are produced by excessive heat and can damage your hair. If you haven’t bought a heated tool before, read articles or an expert’s recommendation to ensure the right investment.

  1. Correct Hair Combing

Do you treat your hair well? Damage only happens when you take your hair’s health for granted. Combing your hair is a daily ritual. If done wrongly or with a bad brush, the damage is deemed to happen. Your hair is very delicate. A rough treatment leads to excessive falls and breakouts.

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Your hair, when wet, is in its weaker form. Avoid brushing your hair right after a shower. Let them dry first and then proceed with combing. If you are in a hurry, use a wide-tooth brush to sort out your wet hair. Avoid using cheap and harsh brushes. Irrespective of their price, soft brushes leave a good impact on your hair.

  1. Hair Protectant

To curb down the damage caused by excessive use of hair tools, use a hair protectant before you style your hair. A good protection serum protects your hair against heat, hair chemicals, humidity and UV exposure.

  1. Hair Trimming is a Must

If you want to get rid of your deadlocks and dehydrated hair, go for trimming at least once every month. This is the best way to protect your hair from all kinds of damage. A good trim gives it the much-needed volume. Hair styling on trimmed hair becomes so easy and satisfying.


Hair styling is what all of us love. In a world, where everyone wants to look good, hair styling plays an important role. But styling doesn’t mean damaging your hair. There is a difference and you should put an effort to ensure safe hair styling. Follow the tips above and let us know if any of these worked for you.

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