6 Ways to Make Your Hair Smell Amazing for Hours

6 secrets to achieve a long-lasting and pleasant Hair Smell

What is a Good Hair Day?

Are you craving a good hair day? A good hair day is not just related to the right hair texture or perfect hair colour. It also includes the way your hair smells. You must have across both women and men every day with hair smelling like spring and you must have also met people with hair smelling like sweat and dirt.

Good smell is as important to hair as it is to your body. However, many people, like you, do not realize the importance of good-smelling hair. We are also pretty sure you do not know of the different ways you can keep your wonderful hair smell for long. We understand why it is. It is a common misconception that hair smell doesn’t spread and feels as fast and strongly as a body odor. Well, this is wrong! Hair smell is as far-reaching as your body’s smell and needs equal care and concern. To help you out, we are here with our research. Right below, we have curated a list of six different tips that can help you improve your hair smell and also make it last longer. Some tips may be completely new to you while some you must have already tried. For us, all the tips mentioned below are highly-effective and easy-to-apply.

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So, without further ado, let’s discover the secret to a beautiful hair smell.

Six Tips for a Long-Lasting and Wonderful Hair Smell

  1. Buy a Hair Perfume

Not sure what hair perfume is? We understand your concern because the majority of people are unaware of this invention. God Bless those who came up with an idea of a fragrance for your hair. Very few brands make these but hair perfumes are slowly and steadily becoming popular. A good-quality hair perfume adds a pleasant smell to your hair. To test an effective hair perfume, always check the rate at which it absorbs into your hair. Good absorption means the perfume will last for a longer period. A hair perfume works exactly like a body perfume. However, some people think it may ruin the hair texture or hair growth. An over usage of hair perfume might interfere with your hair growth, but it is quite rare. High-quality hair perfumes do not affect your healthy hair in any way.

  1. Do Not Skip a Hair Wash Day

We know how most of you hate washing your hair every day. It is a hassle, especially in winters or when you are running late. But we can’t stress enough the importance of everyday showers. Do you know we all have natural oils in our hair? These oils mixed with dirt and pollution particles build up every day. This results in an extremely oily hair texture with a not-so-good hair smell. To overcome this, we suggest a good shower every day. Long or short, the choice is yours. Apply a good shampoo and a conditioner every day and your hair are good to go.

Other than regular shampoos, you can also opt for dry shampoos. Dry shampoo is perfect to soak hair oil and remove all kinds of dirt and grime from your hair. Also, the smell of dry shampoo stays for hours.

  1. Use clean hair brushes

A hairbrush is the first tool you use to set your hair after a shower. This tool needs to stay clean to ensure no dirty hair smell goes into your freshly-showered hair. Do you know your brush can accumulate all the oil from your previous strands and transfer them into your new clean strands? To avoid that, remove all the previous strands from the brush and clean them with warm water. Once creamed and dried, use it to brush your hair.

Which Type of Hair Brush is Right for You?

  1. Use High-Quality Scented hair products

It is not necessary to spend on hair perfume when you can buy scented hair products. Believe it this investment is worth it and even lasts longer. There are a variety of hair masks, hair gels, hair mousse, shampoos and conditioners available to help you achieve your desired hair smell. Moreover, most of them are not as expensive as you might think. To ensure these products work effectively, always read the labels to gain a proper understanding of the usability. Too much application often leads to disasters so always keep a check.

  1. Keep your pillows and hair accessories clean and tidy

Similar to your brush, your pillowcase can also easily absorb all your hair oil, dirt and pollution particles. It is not right to use this pillow with all the oils every day. Either change your pillow covers consistently or wash your pillows every other week. The same goes for hair accessories like hair bands and pins. If you are using a single hair band every day, your hair will absorb all the oil accumulated on the band. In that case, irrespective of how much shampoo or hair perfume you apply, your hair will start smelling bad within hours. Change your accessories every day and keep them clean as much as you can.

  1. Avoid places and things with strong scents

Some food scents absorb faster than hair perfumes. For example, the smell of fish or frying oil can leave a long-lasting impact on your hair. The smell of cigarettes is pretty strong too and can leave a smokey smell in your hair. If you work in a kitchen or live with people who smoke, protect your hair against these strong smells. You can always choose to cover your head with a scarf or a cap. This way the strong pungent smells won’t get into your hair.

Final Good Hair Thoughts

Do you want people to look back and ask how your hair smells so good? Yes, Don’t we all! A lovely hair smell not only leaves a good impression but also makes you feel fresh throughout the day. For the sake of your lovely hair, try our six wonderful tips today. You will definitely feel your hair thanking for this self care act.

Love your hair like you love your body!

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