Beau’s Lines on Nails | Get Rid Of Fingernail Ridges

Beau’s lines are horizontal dents on your nails (toenails, thumbnails, or all fingers). They appear on your nails for multiple reasons. They are often confused with vertical ridges that are super common. Vertical ridges are a sign of ageing. However, Beau’s lines are different, and different diseases ranging from malnutrition, heart attack, liver diseases, severe infections, diabetes, and other metabolic disturbances cause them.

Any trauma or injury can also cause Beau’s lines to appear on your nails. Another common reason could be dehydration of the nail plate, repeated manicures, or excessive exposure to water. Beau’s lines can also pop up if you have underlying skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

How to Get Rid of Beau’s Lines or Fingernail Ridges


Keep your skin properly hydrated. Get a good moisturizer and lather your hands with it. It is recommended to apply hand cream before bed so that your nails get the proper time to absorb all that moisture.

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Don’t bite your nails

Picking or biting at your nails means exposing them to irregularities. Notice your patterns and see what triggers you to go back to the habit, and try to adopt a measure to counter it.

Tenderly buff your nails

Buy a soft nail buffer and be gentle on your nails. Going too hard with the buffer can thin out the nail plate, make it super soft, which can make it vulnerable to breakage and trauma.

Don’t harm your cuticle

The cuticle is the only part of your skin that protects your nail from damage and infection. So, you need to be extra particular with that. Do not mess with it. Make sure you don’t push it back because that can mess it up. It will eventually make way for future ridges.

Go see a doctor

First of all, you need to identify what’s causing the horizontal ridges on your nails. If it’s an underlying illness like diabetes, then controlling that disease and getting it treated will put an end to your ridges. Therefore, it is important that you speak with your doctor.

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Check your diet

Oftentimes, malnutrition can cause beau’s lines on your nails, be it fingers or toes. So call up your dietitian and ask for supplements that can fill in your diet and help you overcome your deficiencies. Take nutrient-rich food to have healthy, shiny nails.


It is important that you keep track of your health and watch out for anomalies. Quite some times our body is giving us signals to get ourselves checked up. Beau’s line is also one of those conditions that demand prompt attention. Even though it can be treated at home by avoiding certain harmful things, yet there are times when you have to seek medical help. If those horizontal ridges appear on more than one fingernail, then it is time you speak with a doctor. Sometimes acute kidney diseases can be a reason for nail ridges, so it is advised that you get them checked – pronto!

Once the underlying symptom is treated, your nails can get back to normal. Therefore, it is recommended that you take the required measures, and do not let those bodily alarms slide by! You need to take care of your body and health as much as possible. A healthy mind and body go hand in hand with a healthy, happy life!

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