Amazing Charcoal Benefits for Skin

Charcoal has become a very essential ingredient in the beauty world quiet lately. It’s hard not to find it available in products like shampoos, soaps, and facial cleansers.

Activated charcoal is believed to remove impurities and draw out bacteria from the skin, as it is known as a microporous material. Charcoal when subjected to a high heating process residues a fine black powder which is also called activated carbon. This exposure to heat forms wholes and inner spaces in the charcoal thus making it highly absorbent. Plus it is able to trap toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

Application of Charcoal on Skin

Charcoal can be applied to the skin via a natural cleansing process that helps unclog pores or there is a deeper cleansing process that involves the use of a charcoal facial mask.

Cleansing through Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal can be used to remove dead skin cells and remove deeper impurities that result in smooth, supple, and even-toned skin.

Activated charcoal keeps our skin radiantly healthy whilst removing nasty bacteria from the skin. Not only this but it also keeps the healthy nutrients and vitamins untouched like derma clear facial.

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Activated charcoal is inert, which means that it does not cause allergic skin reactions or damage the skin’s sensitivity. It instead keeps the skin irritation-free, proving itself to be the best remedy for skin reactions.

Charcoal Face Wash Benefits

So the best way to cleanse the skin is to wash your face with an activated charcoal cleanser. Using a high-quality cleanser product will help freshen up the skin and provide a good balance of vitamins, essential oils, and emollients to prevent drying. Keep it on for 15 mins.

Masking the Activated Charcoal

For an even more intense and deeper pore cleansing, use a facial detox mask that contains a revitalizing blend of herbs and natural clays.

A Mask of activated charcoal works like a magnet drawing all kinds of impurities from the pores of the skin, mostly in the areas around the chin, nose, and forehead where the pores appear the largest.

Gently massage the mask using your fingertips or a bristled brush to push the mask into the skin. Also, be wary of it entering your eyes.

Little oily spots start to appear on the skin while the mask dries on the skin. Misting the mask or toning it with water helps the skin retain hydration. Otherwise, the drying of the mask may cause itching or a feeling of discomfort around the skin. So misting helps keep the active botanical inside the mask at maximum potency to aid the skin. Rinse off the mask with warm water and apply facial moisturizer afterwards.

Key Benefits of Charcoal

  • Remove Impurities from the skin

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According to anecdotal evidence, utilising a charcoal face mask can result in a healthier, clearer complexion by eliminating trapped dirt and bacteria from the skin.

  • Improves acne

The antibacterial properties of activated charcoal may aid in the removal of bacteria from the pores. This may aid in the reduction of acne and the overall appearance of the skin. Since acne is formulated by dead skin cells it traps bacteria inside the pores to cause pimples and inflammatory lesions.

  • Treat insect bites

Anecdotal evidence suggests that activated charcoal is the best neutralizing agent against insect venom as it takes the sting out of the insect bite. As the insect bite can cause the skin to itch and swell.

  • Absorbing oil from the skin

Charcoal is known as the best absorbent which helps to remove excess dirt, oily secretions on the skin and other impurities. That is why it is abundantly found in deep cleansing products for oily skin.

  • Cleansing and Mattifying

Charcoal is the trending beauty ingredient because of its magnetic property of purification. It draws out all impurities and bacteria off the skin pores, further keeping the skin more refined.

  • Removes Blackheads

Some parts of the skin require more attention than the rest. Blackheads are formed around the nose and forehead. Activated charcoal removes the aggressive blackheads right off their roots.

  • Tightens the skin

Charcoal being rich in minerals through proper cleansing can enhance collagen and elastic production. This reduces wrinkles on the skin and smoothes the whole ageing process while slowing any premature ageing.

Other benefits of Charcoal

Apart from skin benefits, charcoal is vastly popular in treating intestinal issues. It has potential benefits for other body conditions.

  • Reducing Cholesterol level: It has the ability to prevent the body from absorbing excess cholesterol in the gut. Research indicates that it can reduce the bad cholesterol LDL to 25 percent.

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  • Helping Kidney function: Incredible improvements have been found in chronic kidney diseases with the use of charcoal as it removes toxins from the body.
  • Improving Gastrointestinal problems:

Although the research is limited in this department, it has been observed that charcoal helps reduce bloating and helps relieve gas for the gastric system to function properly.

Charcoal is gaining popularity as a beauty agent and is a vital ingredient in the multi-billion dollar industry of beauty products. It has paved its way alongside avocado oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil and other natural skincare ingredients.

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