Benefits of Drinking Warm Water for Skin

Read to find some amazing benefits of drinking warm water.

Drinking a glass of warm water every morning can help beautify your skin from the inside out. If you do not like the taste of warm water, add a fresh slice of lemon or lime to it, which provides many health benefits on its own.

The benefits of drinking warm water for your skin include:

Flushes Toxins Out of Body

Warm water is essential for keeping all vital organs healthy and functioning well. It works by flushing toxins out from various parts of the body through sweat and urine. When toxins are flushed out on a regular basis, this helps purify the blood and remove wastes that can cause breakouts in some people. Drinking a couple of glasses per day is enough to keep you clean from the inside out.

Helps In Digestion of Food

When your stomach is empty, it begins to produce hydrochloric acid that helps break food down so it can be easily digested. The problem with this is that your body needs time to produce adequate amounts of hydrochloric acid and when you drink a glass of warm water before a meal, the water dilutes the production of stomach acid making it harder for your stomach to digest food properly.

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When this happens, undigested food particles start building up in the intestines slowing metabolism further leading to weight gain over time. To avoid this, wait at least 1 hour after drinking a glass of warm water before eating anything.

Keeps Skin Moisturised

Between the skin cells and epidermis is a natural moisturizing factor that works by binding water to keep skin hydrated. When you drink warm water every day, it stimulates blood flow to the digestive organs which in turn helps maintain healthy skin by keeping this important factor intact. Drinking lots of warm water daily can also help improve your complexion, tone, and texture since it contains silica which helps promote collagen production for beautiful looking skin over time.

Helps Lose Weight

One of the most known benefits of drinking warm water is that it helps lose weight by increasing metabolism. Drinking 2-3 glasses daily speeds up metabolism making it easier to burn unwanted fat. Warm water also helps suppress appetite so you feel fuller faster helping with weight loss efforts. Warm water is a natural detoxifier and helps your body to eliminate waste materials and other harmful toxins that can contribute to weight gain over time.

Keeps Skin Healthy

Warm water keeps skin healthy by flushing wastes out from the epidermis which prevents skin disorders such as acne, blackheads, and pimples. It also aids in faster cell turnover by stimulating the production of collagen which keeps skin looking younger for longer. Drinking warm water on a regular basis can help remove sun damage, dark spots, redness, discolouration, and even fine lines and wrinkles if used consistently over time.

How Many Times Should You Drink Warm Water in a Day?

Most health experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day. However, only one or two of these should be warm water since drinking more can upset your stomach and lower your metabolism. Drinking warm water in the morning upon waking up is considered best since it helps you start the day feeling refreshed and energized.

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After this, another glass of warm water can be enjoyed mid-morning before lunch to keep your digestive system running effectively throughout the day. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to drinking enough water daily so do not forget about this important habit.

Best Time to Drink Warm Water

The best time to drink warm water is in the morning after you wake up and before breakfast but if that does not fit into your schedule, drinking one glass before each meal can help too. Another good time is right after you finish your exercise routine to replace the water loss in your body due to sweating. If you are unable to drink warm water at any of these times, try drinking it whenever you remember throughout the day for better skin and health overall.

What Kind of Water is Best To Drink Warm?

The quality of water that comes out from your faucet plays a huge role when it comes to the benefits of drinking warm water. Tap water contains chlorine which can cause dryness and premature aging in addition to toxins found in plastics among other harmful chemicals that make this type of water unfavourable for consumption.

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The best choice would be spring or filtered organic tap water since both are free of chemicals and provide the most benefits when it comes to drinking warm water.

What Is The Best Way To Prepare Warm Water?

The best way to prepare your glass of clean warm water every day is to boil some in a kettle or saucepan then pour it into a ceramic mug. Allow the water to cool until it reaches about 70-80° C (160° F) which can help stimulate proper digestion before drinking.

You can also use an electric warmer that keeps water at this temperature for around 6 hours making it easier for you to drink several glasses throughout the day. Uses filtered tap water each time so there are no harmful chemicals in your glass of warm water.

Tricks For Drinking More Warm Water Daily

  • Make sure you have a good insulated stainless steel water bottle to keep your water hot or cold during the day. This way, you will always have an excellent source of warm water whenever you need it and feel less thirsty too. Pre-chill your drinking glass in the refrigerator before using this trick and fill it with room temperature filtered tap water to lower the overall temperature for a more comfortable drink.
  • Drink warm water after each meal instead of juice, soda, or other beverages. Make sure not to add anything such as sugar, honey, lemon, etc. since these ingredients deplete your body’s minerals and nutrients needed for proper digestion. Instead, make iced herbal teas by steeping mint leaves or ginger root overnight in a bowl full of boiled filtered water. You can also try drinking organic green or black tea if you love the taste but only in moderation since both contain caffeine which is a diuretic.
  • Drink warm water before going to bed at night instead of your usual cup of hot cocoa, coffee, or other warm beverages. Your body needs plenty of rest and going to sleep with a full stomach can cause heartburn while lying down pushing food into your esophagus. Drinking a glass of warm filtered tap water about 30 minutes before hitting the hay will help you stay hydrated yet allow the food in your belly time to digest properly. There are many more benefits involved from drinking warm water daily so make sure not to miss out on this excellent health habit for better skin and overall wellness.

Bottom Line

If you are unable to drink warm water for any reason, at least make sure you drink plenty of filtered tap water every day. You will notice an improvement in your skin’s overall health and appearance in the near future by doing this important step alone.

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