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Tomato: A natural remedy for all your skin problems.

Our skin goes through a lot of problems especially during the summer months due to the scorching heat and so it requires skincare products all the time. Are you also tired of spending on skin care items that provide little or no benefit to your skin? The solution to this is to get rid of spending thousands on skin care products and opt for easily available and cheap items that will give you the skin of your dreams. One such item is tomatoes which are easily available in everybody’s kitchen. Besides adding a unique taste to our food recipes, tomatoes can also help to get healthy and glowing skin.

Tomatoes are rich in various skin-benefiting nutrients and vitamins which helps the skin remain fresh as ever. As the face has the most sensitive skin, it should be dealt with more care to prevent any rashes etc. Using tomatoes will ensure that your face will always has its natural, healthy glow. Simply massaging tomato pulp on the face can work wonders.

Here are a few benefits of incorporating tomatoes into your skin care routine:

  1. Reduces Oiliness

Imagine you spend a lot of time doing your makeup but it doesn’t stay on your face for a long time. All the time and effort lost! One of the reasons for this is oily skin and the cure for it is using tomatoes. Tomatoes being acidic in nature balances the pH level of your skin and prevents excessive production of oil. Want your flawless makeup to last longer? Try rubbing tomatoes on your face regularly!

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  1. Reduces Acne

Acne is another major problem that many adults and teenagers face. Sometimes using many acne preventing creams doesn’t work for all skin types and so using natural items might help in getting rid of acne. Again the acidic nature of tomatoes tightens the skin pores of your face which can minimize acne by preventing breakouts. Just mix some pulp of tomatoes with any essential oil and apply it to your skin regularly to get acne free skin in no time.

  1. Anti-ageing Properties

Nobody loves fine lines and wrinkles on their face and honestly, no skincare product has managed to cater to this problem. However, it has been researched that tomatoes are rich in vitamin B which has a lot of anti-ageing properties that may help to reduce and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. With this tomatoes can also cater to the problem of premature ageing which makes your skin look dull and lifeless. Vitamin b in it can also prevent any early signs of ageing too.

  1. Treats Sunburn

Forgot to use sunscreen and now you are left with a bad tan and sunburns? There is nothing to worry about as tomatoes can help to fix this problem. Applying tomatoes on your face soothes and relaxes the sunburnt skin by restoring the dead skin cells. With this, it is very easy to remove sun tan with tomato pulp too.

  1. Helps in Skin Brightening

The pollution level is so high really affects the health and glow of your skin. Besides this, not having a proper skin care routine can also make your skin uneven. Tomatoes with it’s an unlimited supply of vitamin B and vitamin C can cater to these problems by acting as a natural bleaching agent. Using tomato based scrubs can help brighten your skin in no time and you will be glowing in your natural complexion. Moreover, rubbing tomatoes on your face can also help to shrink pores which can give the skin an equal tone.

  1. Reduces Blackheads

One of the lesser known benefits of tomatoes is that they can help to prevent the formation of blackheads. Simply apply some tomato juice onto your face which will remove dirt and oil from your skin and eventually not allow any blackheads to be formed. Open large pores can also lead to black heads being formed as they allow dirt to accumulate in them. Tomatoes work as a natural agent to shrink these pores and eventually prevent any black heads from forming.

  1. Helps in Relieving Skin Irritation

Daily use of makeup products and skin care products can cause skin irritation and redness. It can make your whole face swell up due to irritation. One way of treating this is to rub tomato on your face mixed with aloe vera until the irritation goes away. The anti-inflammatory properties in tomatoes help to soothe and calm the skin. Aloe vera has its own magical properties and using it with tomatoes will surely make your skin healthy and smooth.

  1. Keeps your Skin Soft

Nutrients in tomatoes can help maintain the skin’s elasticity and make it all smooth and clear for makeup to be applied easily on your face. Skin texture will no longer be rough and oily to touch with the use of tomatoes. Silky and smooth skin every day!

  1. Act as a Moisturizer

Dry skin has many consequences such as continuous itching, flaking etc. The best way to cater to dry skins is to use moisturizers. People who have dry skin all year round have to use moisturizers almost every day and mind you moisturizers are not cheap! An alternative to them is simply applying tomato juice to your face to provide moisture. Tomatoes contain a great percentage of potassium and by applying them on the skin can be provided with it too which eventually prevents dry skin.

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Other benefits include it can remove dead cells, help in removing pimples, removing dark spots and the list goes on.

Wrap Up

As tomatoes are inexpensive and so easy to use either in the form of scrubs, tomato juice or simply rubbing them directly on your face, it should be your first choice in treating any skin problem. Now, nobody can stop us, ladies, from getting that glowing and clear skin.

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