How to Choose a Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

A hair guide to figure out which haircut would suit your face shape the most!

How important is it for you to carry your original face shape with all the confidence you have inside you? Obviously, just like you, anyone in this world would love to look beautiful and attractive. Everyone wants a face shape that highlights their personality and also makes them look like a star. Our face is the first thing people look at and whatever shape it has, the way you carry it makes a lot of difference on how it looks on you. We often talk about contouring and highlighting when it comes to the shape of our face but have you ever realised how much difference your hair can make. Your hair can define your face shape, highlight your amazing features and make you look beautiful with any kind of makeup you put on.

Which haircut to go for?

Girls with round faces are often not satisfied with their hair cuts. They are often looking for haircut choices that can make their faces look less round and more long and thin. Same goes with girls who have small and thin faces. They crave for haircut styles that can make their faces look fuller. Whichever face cut you have been blessed with, it’s always good to be thankful for that and look for haircuts and hairstyles that can complement your natural face cut. But it is very hard to find a suitable ladies haircut for yourself if you have no knowledge about hair at all. Salons might charge you a lot but still give you an unsatisfying haircut. You can’t trust your hairstylist completely too. So, it’s very important that you are aware of the kind of hair shape you want to carry. To help you enlighten yourself with different haircuts and face shapes, we have written a guide for you below. It will also give some tips and tricks to carry your face cut confidently with the shape of your hair.

The Haircut Guide

  1. Identify the shape of your face

Each one of us has a different face shape. There are three kinds of face shapes that you must know about. These are square, oval, round, long, heart-shaped and diamond. Some people can easily identify what face shape category that falls under while there might be most of you who won’t figure that out. Well, if you are one of the latter one’s, you can try out a measuring method available on the internet that can help you figure out your face shape really quickly.

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Women with diamond or oval shapes tend to look for defining hair textures and lengths. The shorter the hair length, the less oval their face looks and the features on the face are highlighted more than in long length hair. With round faces, long hair with hair cut in steps works great as it slims down the shape of the face. But you don’t have to follow every rule in the beauty book. If you are someone who loves your oval face, without any worries, grow your hair long and carry with confidence. If you love your round face and want a shorter haircut, go on and chop them off. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

  1. How to highlight your features

Before you look for a haircut choice, make sure you are aware of your favourite features you want to highlight. A haircut that is suitable and works great on you, is the one that gives attention to all the good features your face carries. There might be many hairstyles that will work for you, but to decide where to start from can be quite daunting. With the set of beauty rules that we are given, you can start with identifying various features that come with different face shapes. Below we have listed down those features.

Heart-Shape: The features you should highlight on this face shape are your eyes and cheekbones. You can try highlighting these with bangs and a little volume in your hair around the cheeks.

Long Face: If you want your long face to look short, go for short hair length and lots of volume. You can also choose to go for bangs to create volume on your face.

Oval Face: As mentioned above, people with this face shape are blessed. Almost everything suits them. Sometimes the oval faces can be longer than the rest of the face shapes. In this scenario, you can choose haircuts that go great with long faces. The focus for people with oval faces must be on their hair textures. So finding a haircut that compliments their hair texture must be a priority for people with oval faces.

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Round Face: Round faces are tricky but not hard to handle when you have the right hair length. With a round face, long hair looks perfect. You can add beachy waves to your hair to highlight your face’s features.

Square Face: With a square face, you can highlight your jawline by reducing your hair length and texturing your hair through curls and sharp ends.

  1. Choose the trendiest haircuts without being discouraged

You might feel that just because you have a particular face shape, you won’t be able to carry a trendy hairstyle and this might leave you quite discouraged. Well, it’s too early to feel bad because there are many hairstyles that look great on all kinds of faces. Bobs, shoulder hair length, bangs, long hair and even pixie look great in all kinds of faces. Short hair looks great on all faces but with round faces, a short haircut can go horribly wrong if not taken care of the ends and texture. You can always discuss with your stylist about the cut you want and according to the face of your shape, you both can add variations to make a trendy cut look cool on you.

  1. Make an effort to keep looking after your hair

It is very essential to look after your hair even after you have received your perfect haircut. Wrong textures can ruin that shape of the hair. For short hair, make sure you follow various home remedies to create volume on them. For long hair, make sure your hair stays silky and soft for a long time. A right shampoo and a conditioner can do the job perfectly well. Also, don’t forget to oil your hair twice a week.

I hope our guide did help you find the haircut of your dreams. With the right haircut, everything is possible!

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