How to Get Shiny Hair But Not Greasy

Having shiny and healthy hair is possible now and here is how!

You must have heard of the term ‘hair goals’ every now and then. ‘Oh those shiny, black hair are my hair goals, she has such shiny hair. We wonder what she uses. These are some of the most common phrases we get to hear when people consider someone’s silky hair, their hair goals.

Hair goals for you might not be goals for me (you might like black hair while I might be fond of brown) but shiny, healthy hair is what everyone wants and aims for and that’s the most common hair aspiration for almost all of us.

Shiny, silky hair is the representation of good health, beauty and glamour. But if you have an oily scalp or skin, you must have noticed that it doesn’t take long for your silky hair to turn oily and greasy, just like that. One minute you are proud of how your hair looks and the other minute you are regretting your greasy head.

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Before you assume that healthy, silky hair means oily hair at the end of the day, we have an explanation for you that can help you figure out that your understanding isn’t right.

Oily and silky hair are not related

To put it straight, shiny and silky hair doesn’t lead to oily hair at all. You have healthy hair if your cuticles are behaving perfectly well. They are resting straight and forming a smooth surface for the light to hit and bounce back, easily. The easy bounce off, gives a shiny hair illusion and the look and feel healthy.

On the other hand, if you have an oily scalp, your hair strands end up getting greasy because of the excessive oil produced. Your hair feels and looks oily and this is not a sign of healthy hair. If you are not into using a conditioner properly or are fond of playing with the texture of your hair, you are definitely welcoming a greasy head on your own.

So, to summarize it all, for your hair to look shiny and silky, you need to keep them healthy. And as long as they will be healthy, they won’t feel or look greasy.

To keep your hair soft, silky and shiny, we have sorted a few of the most amazing tips on how to get shiny hair for you to try them out. Shiny hair can be achieved at home, without a beauty salon treatment and below are all the do’s and don’ts that can help you reach your hair goals.

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The do’s and don’ts of Healthy Hair

Do consume your proteins!

Do you know that proteins are the most amazing foods that you can ask for your healthy hair? Your body doesn’t produce many amino acids so you need to have a well-balanced diet to overcome the lack of proteins in your body. Your hair will grow with every dosage of protein you take. Eggs, fish and lentils are some of the foods rich in proteins. Add anything nutritious to your diet and see your hair grow shiny in no time.

Don’t go about washing your hair every single day!

That’s a don’t, you must follow religiously. Washing your hair every day strips off the oils in your scalp which signals the hair glands to produce more unwanted oil and that’s how you get a greasy head. If you keep your head dry and dirty for a day or two, such things don’t happen and no extra oil is produced. You can always keep dry shampoo in hand to let your scalp get used to no-wash days.

Do block the cuticle!

If you have dry hair, you most probably have a raised cuticle. This means that lots of moisture are being absorbed in your hair making them look frizzy all the time. The best way to settle down a raised cuticle is by rinsing your hair with cold water or blow-drying hair properly. A good blow dryer will help give a shinier look to your silky hair without compromising on the quality and texture of hair.

Don’t choose quantity over quality!

Great that you have found the best quality product for your hair but that doesn’t in any way mean that you should use it to the fullest to get the results. Less is always more. A small quantity of a good quality product can do wonders provided it suits your hair. Too much of a shiny product can cause greasiness and too much of a conditioner can lead to dryness so apply less to get more.

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Do get a consultant advice every now and then

If you feel that your hair is too greasy and is losing the shine in spite of you putting in all the efforts at home, try going to a hair consultant for their advice on how to get shiny hair. Maybe they will suggest something that can work for you immediately. There are so many salons that offer free advice on your hair but even if you have to pay a little, there is no harm, as long as you get your healthy hair back.

Don’t forget to moisturize your hair

Just like your skin, your hair requires moisture, a good hair conditioner helps bring the moisture in your hair. When you use a heating object for your hair, use argan oil and a cream afterwards to protect your hair from the heat. This keeps your hair shiny for long.

Healthy hair isn’t just a dream any more

Remember there is no one rule for all. You can try any of these or all of these to see what works for you to get shiny hair.

Having healthy hair is what everyone dreams of. Take care of your hair and make this dream come true. There is nothing as beautiful as thick, shiny long hair and you can definitely have them.

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