How to Clean Makeup Brushes at Home

Time to learn the basic rules of keeping our makeup brushes squeaky clean and our skins zit-free!

To do good makeup, you need to have good makeup brushes, is that right? To make those brushes last long, you have to take proper care of them; keep them nice and clean.

If you don’t clean them regularly, they will make your face break out and spoil your skin in ways unimaginable. So it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Anyhow, we don’t mean to scare you or anything, we’re only telling you to be a little careful with those makeup brushes of yours. When it comes to the cleaning of makeup brushes, let us remind you that it isn’t intimidating at all. It only requires some effort. Now that we have set some ground rules for the cleaning of makeup brushes, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of washing our makeup tools.

The Basic Steps To Clean Makeup Brushes

There’s no rocket science in washing the makeup brushes, only a few easy steps that can keep their mojo going on and on.

Step 1

First up, you need the primary things to wash your brushes with. Here’s what they are:

  • An antibacterial dishwashing soap.
  • Olive oil
  • A plate
  • A spa cleaning glove
  • Paper towels

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Makeup experts recommend taking dishwashing soap because it’s easy to take off and it has degreasing properties.

Step 2

Next, take that plate and drop some liquid, dishwashing soap, and oil in it. Now, one by one take your dirty makeup brushes and make swirls out of that mixture. Keep adding more drops as needed.

Step 3

Now take your hand, and one by one, rub the makeup brushes against your palm. This way, you will get the dirt out of them. Stop when you feel the brush is clean enough.

Step 4

When you’ve followed the first three steps for you all your brushes, take them individually and wash them under lukewarm water. Experts say that lukewarm water is the best for your brushes’ bristles.

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Make sure you hold the brush downwards because only then the gunk will get out of the brush. When washing makeup brushes, if you hold the brush facing upwards, the water will get into the brush, destroying its bristles and the glue holding them all together.

Step 5

Now take the spa cleaning glove and rub the brushes against the glove to give them a good clean. After some time the bristles can hurt, so you can even wear the glove in the third step to prevent your hand from hurting.

The spa glove helps in easier cleaning.

Step 6

Hey, hey, we’re almost done here! Now all you have to do is place all your brushes next to one another and dry them out. Take the paper towel and gently squeeze the extra water out of each brush. Once you’ve followed this step, let them dry under the air.

Ah, they’ll look so beautiful, we tell you, and thank you for all the effort that you put in to make them shine bright.

How Often Do You Need To Wash The Makeup Brushes?

This question often pops up in our head when we get down to giving our babies a little wash that how often do we need to repeat the process? Well, let’s see what the dermatologists have to say about it.

To avoid product buildup, most makeup and skin experts recommend soaking your tools, particularly foundation and concealer brushes, once a week at the very least. The legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown says, because these brushes are used on the face, the cleaner they are, the better. However, she is a little more lenient with eye shadow and liner brushes.

So, now you know which ones need extra washing.

Regular washes do more than just keep your skin clean. Soaking up the makeup brushes on a regular basis, according to makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci, can extend the life of the bristles and result in better product application. Aha, isn’t that what we all need? To keep our makeup brushes going strong for a long time.

When Is It A Good Time To Bid Farewell To Your Makeup Brushes?

Yes, frequent cleanings can extend the life of your tools, but that does not mean they can stay with you forever. Like every other thing, makeup brushes also have an expiration date.

“It’s time to toss your makeup brush when the bristles start to fray, shed, or lose their shape,” said Brown in an interview with Allure. “I can’t emphasize enough that the right tools are as important in getting the look you want as the actual makeup itself. If your brushes become too pinched or squashed, then they simply will not be up to the job.”

Parting Thoughts

Yes, cleaning your brushes may seem like an uphill task at first, but you’ll find that you can enjoy the process knowing that you’ve shown the tools a lot of love. And your well-kept brushes will give you back the love by making you even more beautiful once they do their jobs! It is something satisfying and you’ll absolutely love the end product.

So girls, make sure you follow the instructions in this article and keep your skin spot-free!

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