Makeup Sponge – How to Use a BeautyBlender Sponges?

Beauty Blender- A Modern Day Phenomenon!

Beauty blender was a game-changer for the cosmetics industry! It is one of those products which makes getting flawless and seamless coverage so much easier. It is inexpensive and yet so effective to use which is a win-win situation for us. Beauty blenders came into the industry to replace brushes used for proper coverage. So now you don’t have to get so many brushes for different parts of your face as a single beauty blender can cater to all of that.

Now, we can find different shapes of beauty blenders too in the market which also makes the whole process of getting perfect coverage easier. It might be difficult for people using brushes for so long to adopt the use of beauty blenders but trust me once you get used to it, it is totally worth it!

However, it is very important to know how to use it properly to get your desired results.

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So, ladies, we have jotted down a list of hacks and step by step process of using a beauty blender that will be very helpful when you’ll start using the product.

Hacks for Using a Beauty Blender

  • Prep Your Skin

This is not a hack for using a beauty blender but the blender will work perfectly if you’ve prepped your skin beforehand. Flawless makeup starts with the right caring and preparation of the skin. So use the products that are suitable for your skin type and prime your skin to get that natural face glow before you move on to applying the heavy products with the beauty blender.

  • Dampen Your Beauty Blender

This seems like an odd hack but trust me beauty blender will work perfectly once it is wet. Beauty blenders are basically made up of foam that increases in size when it is soaked up in the water. This will lead to a beauty blender absorbing the water more than the product which eventually leaves more product onto your face. This is the right way to use a beauty blender to get your desired results. So do not forget to dampen your beauty blender!

  • Squeeze Your Beauty Blender

It is necessary to squeeze out any excess water from the beauty blender. Once you have soaked it up in the water, squeeze it a little to get the perfect size and level of dampness before you apply the product to your face with it. Remember you just want the beauty blender to be a little damp and not actually dripping water so squeezing it out is a very important step to make sure you are using the beauty blender correctly!

  • Don’t Drag, But Bounce!

Do not drag the sponge onto your face! Bouncing the sponge will give a uniform coverage of the product on your face without any lines and streaks. This will also make sure that most of the product is used on the face unlike when you drag the beauty blender. This small trick of using a beauty blender will help you to get a seamless blending! You can either use the base of the beauty blender or the tip of it for bouncing.

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  • Use all the Sides of a Beauty Blender Strategically

You might be confused as to why a beauty blender comes in a very different shape, unlike the normal sponges. It is because every single side of a beauty blender is strategically made to cater to different products and parts of your face and it is better to have knowledge about that so that you can use the beauty blender correctly. To blend in smaller areas like under the eyes or around the nose, the pointed edge of the blender should be used and a similar base is to be used to blend in larger areas such as cheeks. Keep all of this in mind when using a beauty blender to get that flawless coverage. These small differences create a very big change!

  • Removes Cakiness

It is very important for you to understand that a beauty blender is functioned not to absorb a lot of product so that more product is applied to the face so never use the extra product when you are using a beauty blender. This could lead to cakiness on your face! However, beauty blenders can do some damage control too as they can also help to reduce the cakiness on your face. You can use the sponge by either removing the extra product with the help of it or you can tap on the area to remove cakiness by applying a little moisturizer soaked onto the beauty blender. This will have two benefits as it can reduce the cakiness on the face but it also gives a more flawless and glowing look.

  • Always Clean and Dry after Use

It is necessary to always clean up your used beauty blender as it is necessary with all the brushes too. You can use a beauty blender cleaner too for this purpose. Gently squeeze your beauty blender so that all the product comes out and then rinse it again so that any excess water and product goes out of it properly. As the beauty blender is now wet, it is a nice environment for bacteria and mold. So, in order to prevent your beauty blender for them, always dry it before storing it away! You can either use a towel to dry it or just allow it to air dry in a well-ventilated place. This will assure that your beauty blender remains perfect for use for a long time.

Final Words

Beauty blenders for sure brought a lot of change to the cosmetics industry and now every company is making their own versions of beauty blenders because of how useful this small product is.

It assures a perfect product application that is very hard to achieve if we apply the product with our hands or brushes. So ladies, follow all of these tips to learn how to use this small product that can change your foundation game forever!

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