Dark Circles Under Your Eyes: Causes and Treatments

Find out ways to get rid of those uninvited dark circles, under your eyes, for good!

Some people consider dark circles as quite a big health issue. Many people relate it with a poor digestive system while some link the occurrence of dark circles with a lack of sleep or a weak immune system. Believe it or not, some people are born with dark circles as a result of genes or inheritance. There are various assumptions, myths and ideas behind what actually causes dark circles but there is one thing that we all are pretty sure about and that is having dark circles under your eyes, doesn’t in any way signifies that you are suffering from an awful health problem. Yes, they make the eyes look tired, unhealthy and old but there isn’t any proven theory yet that suggests that these uninvited round shape monsters under your eye are something you should be petrified of.

What really causes these dark circles to appear under our eyes?

Dark circles, commonly, are caused by fatigue and lack of sleep but there are other causes as well. Sun exposure, allergies, irregular pigmentation and ageing.

As we get older, our skin starts losing collagen which results in the thinning of skin under the eyes. This makes the vessels under the eye quite visible which gives an illusion of dark circles. Also, the puffy eyes at old age casts a shadow and make the area under your eyes look dark.

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So, as said earlier, there are many reasons behind what can cause these dark circles to appear but the aim of this article is to find out ways to get rid of these dark circles through various treatments. There are both natural and artificial ways that can help treat the appearance of dark circles. We will discuss a few below but before that please understand that these treatments won’t eradicate dark circles from your life permanently, just like that. You will have to be consistent with your treatment and follow all methods religiously and only then you can win your war against this dark army.

Treat your dark circles!

Before we start listing down the treatments, let’s get this one thing, very clear. There are a lot of proven remedies and treatments for getting rid of dark circles that people have reported in the past. Some tricks have worked for some while some have observed no changes. Since everybody is unique in their own ways, treatments that have worked for some, might not prove to be beneficial for you. The best thing here is to test and try and be consistent with whatever procedure you choose for yourself.

Make sure you are taking your sleep

Sleep is as important as staying active. Take seven to eight hours of sleep to avoid dark circles from appearing under your eyes. Sleep heals your body and there is nothing better than that. If you genuinely don’t want these dark circles anymore, make sure you sleep soundly every night.

Mr.Sun can be an enemy sometimes

As much as we love exposing ourselves to this sun shining on our sky, we can’t neglect the fact that this very sun that we love the most, can also cause us dark circles. Reduced sun exposure can help heal your eyes and treat the dark circles quite efficiently.

Moisturising your face is always a great idea

Moisturisers rich in caffeine and vitamin E have proven to be quite effective towards the treatment of dark circles. Buy a moisturiser from a nearby drugstore and keep applying it under your eyes every night. Be consistent for a month to see a positive result.

Treat your eyes with cucumber

Cucumber is known as a natural healer for puffy and dark eyes. Cut a cucumber into thick slices and refrigerate those slices till they are chilled as ice. Put the chilled slices under your eyes for about 20 minutes every day. Once done, wash your face with water. Practice this remedy every day for a month.

Almond oil is a savior

Almond oil is known for having lots of benefits. It is an amazing natural product that helps get rid of dark circles in no time. Every night, before going to bed, massage the dark areas under your eyes with almond oil. Keep the oil on the face for the night and in the morning wash it off with normal water. Repeat this process every night until you get your dark circles-free face.

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Eye pads, rich with Vitamin K, are magical

Eye pads that include caffeine and vitamin K have always resulted in a reduced amount of wrinkles and dark areas under the eyes.

Use Tea bags not for tea but for your eyes

If you are looking for a natural way to fix your eye circles, then this remedy is perfect for you. Soak two caffeinated tea bags in lukewarm warm. Once done, put the bags in the refrigerator for a few minutes so they are properly chilled before you use them. Put the chilled tea bags under your eyes for a good 10 minutes before you rinse off the area with water. Practice this remedy every day before you start noticing a positive change.

There are also many medical options to treat dark circles, depending on the intensity of the harm they have caused. It is very important to see a doctor if you feel that your dark circles are taking over your beauty. Only your doctor can suggest which medical treatment will suit you the best, but here are a few common procedures that people opt for while treating theirs under eyes.

Laser therapy is quite common these days

The purpose of laser therapy is to eliminate all the dead cells from the body. The heat energy produced during therapy is also used to treat the dark areas under the eyes.

Chemical peels are very effective

A chemical peel is often used to lighten the dark skin. This peel has acids such as glycolic acid and retinoic acid which help treat dark circles.

Fillers are what celebrities go for!

The aim of Fillers is to increase volume under the eye. The lost volume makes the under eyes look dark and these fillers help to remove that unwanted darkness.

Dark Circles are definitely not a feature you should be proud of. Treat these circles on time before they get worse but most importantly you must take advice from a dermatologist before you start treatment.

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