What is Hair Spa, Why Do It, and How To Do It at Home

Step by Step Hair Spa at Home Guide

If you also want silky, soft and smooth hair, getting a hair spa is the way to go! So, what is a hair spa? You can call it a de-stress or re-hydrating therapy that helps to keep the essential oils and moisture in your hair to always keep them silky and smooth. It includes various steps such as shampooing your hair, deep cleansing of hair alongside applying various hair masks to get the much needed results. It helps in reducing common issues in relation to hair such as dandruff and overall improves your hair quality. I kid you not, it works like magic for every hair type!

Well, some people might be of the view that they can achieve healthy hair by just oiling which is not true at all. Proper therapy is necessary to maintain the moisture in the hair roots for them to be healthy. This makes getting a hair spa necessary. With age or by just testing wrong hair products, many people start suffering from hair fall. In order to avoid it, the hair follicles and roots should be moisturized and this is what a hair spa does.

Hair Spa Benefits

In addition to that, it helps to combat the dryness and dullness of soft hair. It includes oiling which helps to keep hair smooth and the head massages help reduce split ends. Apart from adding moisture to hair roots it also helps to control the oil production in the scalp as excessive oil can lead to pores filled with dead cells and dust. Hence, a hair spa helps to get rid of both problems; dry and oily scalp by maintaining a balance between them.

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Do you know a hair spa not only provides benefits to your hair but it actually helps a person de-stress a lot? The head massage helps you feel refreshed and no longer gloomy because of all the stress. Go get a hair spa treatment to feel more relaxed and fresh because we all deserve a little pampering!

What if I tell you that you can do a hair spa at home without breaking your bank totally in a hassle-free manner? It’s true and it’s actually very easy and budget friendly. Considering the Covid 19 pandemic, it is also beneficial to get a hair spa at home for our own safety as well! So ladies here is a step by step procedure for doing a hair spa at home:

  1. Relax and Enjoy

The first and main step in doing a hair spa is to relax and have the time of your life putting all the stress aside and just spend a few hours pampering yourself. You deserve it! Choose a holiday and enjoy it to the fullest!

  1. Oiling

Almost everybody does oiling to their hair every week but we all forget to choose the right type of oil for our hair. The first and the most important step for this step in a hair spa is to choose the right type of oil. You can use almond or coconut oil etc. It is beneficial to heat up the oil just a little bit and then gently apply it to your scalp. Let it rest and soak into your hair for a few minutes and then go onto the next step!

  1. Use a Steamer or a Hot Towel

The next step is to help the oil soak in the hair easily and for all the nutrients to reach the hair roots. It is to steam your hair either with a steamer or a hot towel(dip your towel in hot water for a few minutes and then use). The heat from this opens your pores and allows the nutrients from the oil to enter the scalp. With just this one easy step your hair starts becoming healthy!

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  1. Shampoo your Hair

Here is a very important tip for your hair to always be smooth: try using sulphate–free shampoos! These shampoos prevent your scalp from being dry and hence prevents your hair from getting dandruff. The next step in a hair spa is to get rid of all the oil by shampooing your hair. Repeat this step until all the oil has been washed off from the hair!

  1. Deep Conditioning

After shampooing your hair use deep conditioning spa creams or hair masks. Gently massage your hair with them so that they reach all into your roots. This has to be one of the most important steps as the conditioning helps to get rid of all the dirt in your hair and the masks help to provide nutrition to it. Along with this, it is so easy to make hair masks at home only with some ingredients that are available in everybody’s kitchen!

  1. Wash your Hair Again

This is the final rinse! It is beneficial to use a mild shampoo in this step. Just gently wash your hair with mild hot water until all the products are washed away. A little tip is to let your hair dry naturally other than using a hairdryer. This will prevent your hair from being damaged!

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It looks like a lot of work to do but trust me once you start doing it, you’ll start having fun and you’ll feel relaxed and de-stressed. Hair spas at salons can be very costly but this shouldn’t stop us from taking proper care of our hair and clean all the dirt that has been accumulated into our hair throughout the day. Hair spa works wonders and it will stop you from using those expensive products to keep your hair healthy. Just by doing these steps the right way you can have healthy, smooth and silky hair without even breaking your bank!

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