Keratin Treatment for Hair | Pros and Cons

Is Keratin Treatment Worth Your Investment? Read to Know its Pros and Cons Before Making a Decision

If you love experimenting with your hair and trying new treatments every six months, you must have a compress keratin treatment for your hair.

What is a Keratin Treatment

For those unaware, keratin is a Brazilian chemical procedure that makes your hair dead straight at least for six months, provided you maintain them properly. Moreover, this treatment is pretty effective to bring back the lost shine and glow in your dry and dull hair.

Keratin Treatment is a good way to reduce hair frizz and escape the hassle of straightening your hair every day through heating tools.

What Happens in a Keratin Procedure?

If you haven’t experienced a keratin treatment before, here are the steps that take place in this chemical hair straightening method.

  • Before the procedure starts, the stylist washes your hair.
  • Then she/he blowdries your wet hair to apply the keratin solution on a dry surface.
  • Once dried, stylists often flat iron your hair and divide the strands into sections to apply the treatment.

The treatment takes a lot of time and patience to seep into your roots and turn them straight and glowing. However, the results appear within the same day and you get to take along a new head home.

However, like any other artificial treatment, keratin has both its pros and cons. It is not an entirely safe procedure and does come with its drawbacks.

Before you rush to a beauty salon to get a keratin procedure, don’t hesitate to weigh its benefits and cons. This is vital to make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste.

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So, without further ado, let’s dig into its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  1. Beautiful Shiny Hair

Who doesn’t love shiny and silky hair? We all do and that’s what keratin does for us. It helps to reduce frizz and improve the health of our hair strands. Moreover, keratin makes hair far more manageable and easy to handle.

It also bends the hair together and reduces the impact of ugly-looking split ends.

  1. Improves Hair Growth

Contrary to many other treatments, keratin is pretty amazing when it comes to increasing hair growth. It strengthens hair so they don’t break easily. With strong ends, your hair growth increases at a faster speed than usual.

  1. Long-lasting Effects

The best thing about keratin is that its results are long-lasting. If you maintain your hair properly, keratin can last for even more than six months at times. However, you may require a few touches in between to maintain its effects.

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The above list of benefits may convince you to get keratin right now. However, it is always important to see the other side of the story before making any decision.

Risks of Keratin Treatment

  1. A Potentially Dangerous Treatment

We can’t deny that keratin is a chemical procedure after all. Most keratin products contain formaldehyde which is often considered harmful when inhaled. However, it is one of the major elements that add a shiny and smooth texture to your skin. Most companies hide the presence of this ingredient in their products which may lead to huge accidents.

  1. Expensive

Not everyone can afford keratin. It is one of the most expensive hair treatments there is. Moreover, to enjoy your straight hair throughout the year, you may need to go for at least three sessions after every few months. Is the effort worth the results? However, for many, there are a few who may want to spend the same money on something else.

  1. Costly Management

Once you are done with keratin, the expense doesn’t end there. To maintain your hair for a longer period of time, you will have to use keratin-friendly hair products such as shampoos and conditioners.

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This is vital to make sure the treatment stays effective for at least six months. If you fail, you may need to get another treatment way before your expectations. Keratin-friendly hair products are more costly than regular ones. So, if you are ready to invest in these items at least twice a month, only then go for this treatment.

The Takeaway

Keratin is great as it makes your hair look healthy and shiny. However, it is expensive and requires strict management to maintain it.

If you can afford keratin, go ahead. However, if you think it isn’t worth it, look for other similar treatments and enjoy your hair.

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