How to Apply Kajal Thick and Bold Without Smudging

You are looking at yourself in the mirror with your kajal pencil in your hand. You are nervously debating whether you should apply it this time. Because the last time you applied kajal in the usual thick and bold style it smudged everywhere, making you look like a panda. You aren’t sure whether you want to go through that issue again.

But don’t worry, dear reader-we got your back! Below are the tips and tricks you can follow to keep your kajal in place, without creating a disaster around your eyes.

Use “Long-lasting” Kajal Pencils

Not all kajals are the same; many of their formulas do not last very long. Hence they end up smudging your eyes. Always use a kajal pencil that says words like “long-lasting” or “8 hours,” “16 hours” etc. Especially if you are wearing it all day. Kajals with these specifications will allow you to apply it thickly and boldly without any danger of smudging.

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Keep Your Eyes Col and Dry

If your eyelids are oily, your kajal will be smudging in less than half an hour. To keep your kajal from moving, apply an eye primer or oil-free foundation/concealer. For those with oily skin, prime the skin and apply translucent powder to ensure no oil accumulates on the skin. If you are going to apply kajal, then it’s best to take this precaution.

Never Apply in a Hurry

Take out the time to apply your kajal. If you are in a hurry, it’s best to not apply it. Kajal applied carelessly has no chances of staying in place. Your eyes will look like a mess in a very short time and you may not be able to fix the damage. So always apply kajal slowly and steadily for maximum precision and neatness.

Apply Black Eyeshadow Over Your Kajal

To keep your kajal for hours, apply black eyeshadow on top of it. Not only will the powder keep the kajal from spreading everywhere, but it will make your eyes look extra intense and bold.

Never Apply Kajal if You have Dark Rings or Wrinkly/Puffy Under-Eyes

If you have naturally wrinkly or puffy eyes and dark rings, it’s best to avoid applying bold kajal, particularly a bold, thick one. When smudged, it will only create an even bigger mess around your eyes. Not to mention, it will create unwanted attention to your under-eyes. It’s best to apply either a light-coloured liner on your waterline. Or a soft grey eyeshadow along your lower lash line to keep your eyes intense and bold.

Tightlining is a Must!

Apply the kajal on the inner part of your upper lashes. Your eye look will be extra intense and will make it a showstopper. This is excellent for those who have small eyes or puffy/wrinkly under eyes.

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Now that you know what to keep in mind while applying kajal, here is our very own guide for applying kajal that is thick, bold, and compliments your eyes. You will want to bookmark this page for future reference. So here you go:

  1. Prep your eyelids with primer and translucent powder. That way, you can keep your kajal in place without getting smudged anywhere
  2. Apply your usual eye makeup before the kajal. This way, you can know how thick or bold you want your kajal to be. Remember, the makeup on your lower lids must compliment the makeup on your upper lids.
  3. Set your under-eyes with concealer and bake them with powder. That way, you can minimize the damage you might cause while applying your kajal. And wipe it off without spreading it on the other parts of your face.
  4. Take the kajal pencil and start applying it to the waterline. Apply it slowly and steadily without any tension. Extend the pencil towards the inner part of your eye.
  5. Now, take the pencil and slowly apply the kajal along your lower lash. Use small strokes to be precise and clean.
  6. Now take a smudging brush and softly blend the kajal outwards and inwards to remove excessively harsh lines. Make sure to go over the kajal to ensure it’s applied uniformly.
  7. To make it thicker, apply the kajal but this time slightly lower from your lash line. A good endpoint is where the ends of the lower lashes meet. Apply it slowly in small strokes. Then blend it again.
  8. Now, carefully extend the kajal outwards the way you apply eyeliner. If you have applied a winged eyeliner, you can join the outer end of the kajal with the liner for a uniform but bold look. But if you want to go bolder, then extend the kajal along the wing of your eyeliner. Leave a thin line separating the two eyeliners from each other. Thicken it till the tip. You will have created a second wing on your eyes that will make them look uber-dramatic.
  9. To set the kajal in place, apply black shadow. Apply it as if you are stamping something on paper. Do not blend the shadow, just stamp it gently until your lower lashes look intensely black.
  10. If you have large or elongated eyes, you can always apply the kajal till the inner corners of your eye. But if you have small, round eyes, avoid the inner corners as it will make them look smaller. Instead, apply a white or a shimmer pencil on them.
  11. Brush off the excess powder and apply mascara. And, you’re done!

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