Eye Contouring Is The Secret Beauty Hack You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about why the eyes of your favourite celebrities are so gorgeous on the red carpet? How are their eyes making them look fierce yet sexy? Well, we cracked the code and, believe us, when we learned about it, it left us shook. It’s eye contouring!

What is Eye-Contouring?

Eye-contouring is a technique in which the eyes are enhanced and/or shape changed using contouring methods. Contouring is basically where the face is sculpted and the dimension is added to make it look slimmer. Nearly every beauty influencer has been using this technique in their eye looks by this time. And if their eyes look fabulous, so can yours! So read on to master this simple beauty hack.

The Basic Eye Contouring Method

While face-contouring is tricky to master, eye-contouring is much simpler to do. It is a matter of placement and blending. So this is not a step-by-step method, but an overview:

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  1. Use a primer to set your eyes. As you will use only a few eyeshadow shades, then priming is essential to create a flawless base in and of itself.
  2. Use an eyeshadow that matches your skin colour and applies all over the eye. Another trick can be to use your concealer instead of the primer for a more seamless base.
  3. To create the illusion of visible lids, choose a shade that is one or two shades darker than your skin colour. The shades should be either brown or grey. How you place the shade depends on your eye shape (more on that below). Use a crease brush and blend the shade to your crease area. Alternately;
  4. Apply the same shade all over your lid and blend it upwards to your crease. Again, it depends on your eye shape, but this helps make large or protruding eyes
  5. Blend the shade until it looks as if it’s fading upwards without any harsh lines. If you wish to deepen the shades, then apply some more and blend.
  6. For evening looks, you can apply the darker shade on the outer corner of your eye and blend outwards. Your eye will look wider and dramatic.
  7. To the inner part of your eye, you can apply a lighter shade. Or a shimmery shade. Alternately you can just apply a winged eyeliner to create dramatic, vampy eyes.
  8. Add the darker shade around the lower lash to complete the look.

The method above is a general guideline of what eye-contouring entails. Below explains what type of contouring is best for your eye shape. As no contouring method is too specific, here are the tips and tricks for eye-contouring on specific eyes:

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Small Eyes Contouring

The goal is to make them look bigger. Use a shade that is not too dark so it doesn’t make your eyes smaller. Your eyeliner and mascara should ideally be less intense as well. Use light shades and shimmers on the inner half of your eyes. Smoky eyes with dull brown or soft grey eyeshadow will be best suitable for you.

Mono-Lidded Eyes Contouring

A gradient look will be ideal as it will accentuate your eyes. Start by using the darker shade along your lashes. Then apply a medium shade on the lids, blending upwards. Finish off by applying a slight shimmer between the darker and medium shades.

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Hooded Eyes Contouring

For those with hooded eyes, the challenge is to enhance the eye as much as you can. Apply medium shade all over the lid, going above the natural crease so it’s visible. Next, apply a darker shade above the crease and to your outer corner. Blend so it looks as if your new “crease” is visible and the medium shade is visible. Apply a shimmer shade on the inner corner of the eye. Then line the waterline as the last touch.

Round Eyes Contouring

The trick is to elongate the shape of your eye. Using medium or darker shades, apply the shadow all over the entire lid, blending it outwards and upwards into a V-shape. Then apply light or shimmery shade to highlight the corners. To make the eyes smaller, apply eyeliner around your lashes while elongating them to a wing.

Protruding Eyes Contouring

For eyes that are large or prominent, enhance them without making them look bigger. Apply a medium shade of brown or grey on the entire lid. Use a darker colour to contour the crease. Finish off with shimmery shadow and lining your waterline.

Downturned Eyes Contouring

To make your eyes look lifted, apply shimmery and/or light shades in the inner corner and middle of your eyelid. Then apply a darker shade on the outer part of your eye. Blend the darker shadow in an upwards motion, to give the illusion of upturned eyes. You can even apply eye tape at the outer corner of your eye to be more precise. Blend the shadows until they look seamless but dramatic. Then apply a winged eyeliner to further lift your eyes.

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Upturned Eyes Contouring

Apply darker shadow to achieve balance with your shape. Then apply medium shadow on the entire lid. From here it’s up to you; either add drama by adding a darker shadow to your outer corner. Or shimmers on the lid.

Almond Eyes Contouring

You have the ideal eye shape, so you just need to enhance them! Simply apply a medium to light shade on the lids. Then add a darker shade on the outer third and the crease. Blend these shades until they look seamless. Then add a shimmery shade on the inner corner of your eye. You can even apply them to the centre of your lid as well.

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