How To Get Your Eyeshadow To Stay On All Day

You are applying eyeshadow onto your eyelids as usual. You make sure it’s visible and all over your eyelid. But after a while, you look at the mirror and see your eyeshadow smeared and patchy! All of your hard work is destroyed. And you don’t have time to reapply all over again!

This is a common problem for people who apply eyeshadow. Particularly for those who can’t find time to reapply their eyeshadow as they are busy during the day. Hence, these tips will ensure that your eyeshadow stays on all day.

  1. Apply a primer for your eyeshadow

A good base ensures that your eyeshadow stays where it is for hours. It’s specifically designed to keep your eye look in place without smudging or disappearing. An eye primer is essential for eyeshadow application. If you don’t have an eye primer, then you can use a concealer or a face primer (but never foundation).

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  1. Apply a base that suits your lid’s skin texture

Like many parts of our skin, our eyelids have a different texture. Which ultimately affects how eyeshadow stays put on your eyes. Hence it’s important to apply a base that is suitable for that texture. If your eyelids are dry, apply either an eye primer or concealer. If you have oily eyelids, however, then eye primer or face primer is a must as it keeps the oil away.

  1. Set your base with translucent powder

If you want your eye look to last all day, set your eye base with translucent powder. Lightly apply the translucent powder after applying your eye primer. Your eyeshadow will not move from its place and you will be looking flawless all day!

  1. Consider the shape of your eyes

Not all eyelids are made equal. Depending on your eye shape, your lids may be different from the next person. Hence it affects how long your shadow stays on your eyes. It’s best to apply shadow according to your eyelid shape. Find a tutorial where your particular eyelid shape is used as a model. Master the tips and techniques used for applying your shadow. This way your eye look stays in place for hours.

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  1. Use a stiff, flat brush for applying shadow

Your brush is essential for flawless application. The wrong brush will not only place the eyeshadow unevenly, but it will disappear in no time. A brush with a stiff brush and flat surface will apply your shadow evenly and lock it in place. That way your shadow will last for the whole day without even touching it up. Don’t use a fluffy brush for applying shadow-it will apply shadow very lightly.

  1. Pat, don’t swipe

The way you apply eyeshadow affects how long it lasts on your lids. Apply your shadow in a patting motion all over the lid. This way, the shadow will not disappear as there is enough powder on the lid so it does not move anywhere. Don’t swipe aggressively as the shadow will not be distributed properly. If you must swipe, then do it gently. But try to pat in the shadow for the most part.

  1. Apply your eyeshadow in layers

It’s always a good idea to apply your shadow in layers. Apply the first layer of shadow, then apply another layer of shadow to increase the colour and intensity. Slowly apply as many layers until the shadow looks as desired. Your eye look will be locked in place and will last you all day!

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  1. Use pigmented formulas

Some eyeshadows have light pigments to them which affect how long they last. Invest in an eyeshadow palette that has a lot of pigment. A good eyeshadow is one where the colour is visible and bright and lasts long on your lids. These days, there are many brands that create eyeshadows with intense, long-lasting colour and formulation. Some of them are designed to last for more than 6 hours. So it’s a good idea to get one for yourself.

  1. Use a setting spray to keep your shadow in place

If you are unable to buy an eyeshadow palette, then a setting spray will do the trick. Apply eyeshadow onto the brush, make it damp (but not wet) with the setting spray. Then apply the shadow onto your eyelid. Your eyeshadow will be in place the whole day and its colour will not fade away.

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