How to look Good Without Makeup

Learn these rules to look good without any Makeup

Natural beauty has always been in trend. Gone are the days when girls would prefer heavy foundation, string contouring, colourful eye shadows and dark blush. These days most women go for natural soft makeup looks where they apply everything in a minimum quantity.

Interestingly, you can also find many brands launching zero makeup kits. These kits come with natural looking foundations, contour shades and blushes.

You can always choose to create a natural look with some makeup but why do you need makeup to look like yourself? You can look good and natural even without any makeup. There is no point behind these zero makeup kits.

To look good without makeup, there are certain tricks and tips that you must follow. Here are those 12 effective rules that will get you a natural yet flawless look without any lipstick, foundation or concealer.

12 Rules to Make you Look Good!

  1. Prioritize your skin

There is no match for healthy and well-hydrated skin. As long as your skin is well moisturized, soft and shiny, you do not need to apply any concealer or foundation. Good skin is only achievable through proper cleansing and moisturising. Do not take these two things for granted. Irrespective of the season, time, year, day, cleanse and moisturize religiously.

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  1. Look after your hair

Do you know your hair can make or break your look? Natural, heavy, smooth and shiny hair changes the way people see you or you see yourself. The texture, colour and thickness of your hair tell how you take care of yourself.

For healthy-looking hair, oil your hair twice a week. Avoid chemicals and heating objects as much as you can. Do not take long hot showers in winters. Brush your hair with care. These small tips can create a huge change.

  1. Shape your eyebrows

A natural face only looks great if your eyebrows are in shape. Makeup can help hide the shape of your eyebrows. But with a no-makeup face, you should make sure that your eyebrows are properly trimmed and shaped. Thick eyebrows always look attractive. If you do not have thick eyebrows, make sure to apply castor oil and Vitamin A on your eyebrows daily. Within a few weeks, you will notice a huge transformation.

  1. Threaded Upper lips

For a no-makeup face to look good, you must make sure your upper lips are properly threaded. To look good naturally, any kind of unwanted hair is a no-no. Keep your upper lips removed at all times.

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  1. Make your eyes look wide

Wider eyes look beautiful on a natural face. To make your eyes look wider, use an eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes outwards.

  1. Treat your dark circles

For a perfect natural face to look attractive, do not forget to treat your dark circles. Treat your circles with cold compresses such as mint or green tea. Cucumber is also very effective. Include Vitamin B in your diet to fight against any deficiency.

  1. Keep your teeth white

Your shiny teeth can be game-changer. Use a well-known whitening toothpaste everyday. YouTube different ways to take of your teeth. Do not consume lots of sweet stuff.

Your bright smile can change the way your face looks. If you naturally have grey or yellow teeth, get yourself some professional help and get them whitened.

  1. Give attention to your lips

A lipstick can hide all the flaws on your lips but what do you do, if you can’t apply one? You make sure that your lips look healthy and bright. To make this possible, you must moisturize your lips every day. Use a lip balm or petroleum jelly and make your lips look and feel soft.

  1. Do not forget a sunscreen application

Makeup or no makeup, do not forget to apply sunscreen. UV rays are present everywhere around you. These rays accelerate the process of ageing. They can also cause skin cancer. Do not leave your house with a sunscreen application. Make this a rule!

  1. Wear a color that complements your complexion

Your skin can look pale without some foundation. To brighten it up, choose clothes with bright colors. Experiment with new fabrics and designs. Clothes that blend well with the skin tone can make a huge difference in your overall look.

Also, wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Clothes that are uncomfortable leave a discomfort that naturally affects your mood and as a result your face.

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  1. Eat well

Anything you eat, reflects right on your skin. Do not compromise on right eating habits. Consume as much green vegetables as you can. Consume fresh juices. Keep a healthy lifestyle so that you do not crave for some makeup anymore.

  1. Stay confident

Your confidence in yourself can change the way you look. Be proud of who you are. Keep repeating, ‘I do not need makeup to look good’. And that is true. You won’t need as long as you are confident of how you look and carry yourself, naturally.

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