Halal Cosmetics | List of Halal Makeup Brands in Pakistan

These Six Pakistani Makeup Brands Are Totally Halal! Read to Know More.

If you are a Pakistani Muslim woman crazy for makeup, I understand your limitations. As a Muslim, it is hard to use makeup products that work as barriers between you and your religion. The struggle of wiping off your makeup before prayer time and then reapplying to maintain your look is quite real. However, thanks to many new brands, the concept of halal makeup is slowly picking pace.

If you have been looking for halal makeup brands available in Pakistan but haven’t found one, this is the right place to start your search. In this article, We have listed some very popular halal makeup brands that you can easily find in your country.

So, if you are ready, let’s take a look.

Halal Makeup Brands In Pakistan

  1. Claudia Nour

Starting from this Latin brand, Claudia Nour is a product of a woman like you who felt the necessity of halal products in the makeup industry. And after recognizing the gap, she didn’t take long to put her investment into producing halal makeup for Muslim women around the globe.

How to Organize Your Makeup Products

Claudia Nour is quite an impressive makeup and skincare brand. All the products produced under this label are gelatine, alcohol and carmine-free. You can find this product online or visit shops that store the relevant products.

  1. INIKA Organic

INIKA Organics is a pretty famous Australian brand that has been quite new since 2006. Not only this brand produces halal products, but all its items are vegan, organic and cruelty-free. INIKA is known to stick to its values and doesn’t compromise on based principles of Islam.

This brand produces a range of products including foundations and skincare products. It has an online page through which you can access all its quality products.

  1. 786 Cosmetics

This is a newly-established halal brand in Pakistan that specialises in nail polishes. 786 Cosmetics produces halal, vegan and cruelty-free nail colours of all kinds.

You don’t have to remove the nail paints before wudu because the formula allows water to seep through the color easily. 786 Cosmetics offer a range of different nail paint tones, from nudes to dark colours.

  1. Mussarat Misbah

Known as an amazing beautician and social worker of Pakistan, Musarat Misbah launched her halal makeup brand two years back. All the products cater to Pakistani skin tones and are perfect for local skin textures. Mussarat Misbah makeup brand offers some well-pigmented silky foundations, beautiful lipsticks and worth investing in eyelash voluminizers.

  1. Zahara

Zahara is the baby brand of two sisters who started off with breathable lipsticks and have now introduced eyeliner, eye shadows and lipsticks. In just a short span, this brand has introduced some great quality products for regular makeup users.

  1. J. Makeup

J. is a pretty famous brand known for its Islamic base and values. The brand is a Pakistani company that excels in clothing, makeup and perfumes. J. Makeup is a collaboration with the brand NOTE Cosmetics that produce halal, vegan and cruelty-free products. J. offers an array of makeup products, from halal nail polishes to foundations and blush ons. J. has its outlets all over Pakistan and also offers an online service.

Wrap Up

If you love makeup and are a Pakistani Muslim, you are in for a great treat. With so many brands offering such wonderful halal products, you don’t have to look anywhere else.

Engagement/Nikkah Makeup + Hair StylingRs. 10,000
Eye Makeup with LashesRs. 2000
Eye Makeup without lashesRs. 1500
Eyelash ApplicationRs. 300
Eyelashes and Eyelashes ApplicationRs. 500
Mehndi/Mayun Makeup + Hair StylingRs. 8000
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint *Rs. 3500
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint with Hairstyle *Rs. 4500
Party Makeup, Eyelashes, Nail Paint, with Blowdry *Rs. 4000
Soft Makeup + Hairstyle + Eyelashes *Rs. 3250
Soft Makeup without eyelashes + Blowdry *Rs. 2150
Bridal Makeup + Hairstyle Rs. 23530

Use these makeup products to look good every day while continuing with your religious obligations. Here’s wishing you a happy shopping spree.

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