Permanent Hair Straightening: Everything You Need to Know

Dealing with unruly hair takes a lot of time and effort. Getting up an hour earlier than necessary to blow dry your hair before going to work? No thanks, we could all use a few more minutes of shut-eye.

Those of us with unruly hair frequently seek out hair straightening and relaxing treatments for the sake of convenience. These treatments simplify morning routines by generating perfectly straight hair immediately out of the shower.

This exceptional comfort can last for up to six months, but it is critical to discover the right smoothing method for your hair type.

Brazilian blowouts and Japanese straightening procedures are only a few of the options available—but some are better than others.

If you’re bored of your time-consuming regimen and stubborn locks, go no further than GharPar’s guide to long-term hair straightening.


Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair that not only keeps it healthy and lustrous but also helps it stay straight. Sometimes, due to dietary changes and ageing, the keratin level drops, resulting in frizzy, tangled, or damaged hair.

This research underpins the keratin or Brazilian blowout treatment. To give your hair a smooth, silky shine, a coat of chemicals with keratin as the main component is applied. The chemical is then set in your hair with a straightener.

After roughly an hour, your hair is rinsed and blow-dried. You will need to return in a few days for a hair wash.

Thermal Reconditioning

Japanese straightening is a smoothing and conditioning treatment that produces a permanently altered structure of the hair by using both chemicals and heat. During a Japanese straightening treatment, protein linkages in the hair are loosened and then repaired by hair cells.

How to Remove Hairspray from Hair

If you can’t sit still, be aware that this is a lengthy process with multiple steps… six to eight hours to be accurate.

You will also need to return to the salon for the last stage after a few days. On the bright side, this treatment is only effective for six to seven months. As beautiful and long-lasting as this treatment appears, it can be quite detrimental to hair in the long term, so think long and hard before using it.

Hair Relaxer

If you’re seeking an at-home solution for tough hair, hair relaxers could be the answer. Unlike other procedures, this straightening solution does not require you to visit a salon. Instead, go to your local drugstore or hair care supplier.

Hair relaxers are lotions or creams that change the structure of the hair chemically.

The products, like hair rebonding, seek to break down connections and fundamentally modify the follicle. Unfortunately, these treatments usually last six to eight weeks rather than months.

They are, nevertheless, less expensive and save time spent in the salon chair. The cost of hair relaxers might vary depending on the manufacturer.


Rebonding is a chemical hair treatment that straightens, shines, and smoothes hair. Hair rebonding entails breaking the natural hair structure with a cream or relaxing softener, followed by re-bonding with a neutralizer.

Rebonding is perfect for those who have difficulty taming their wavy or thick hair, but as hair begins to grow in, the procedure is immediately detectable.

How to Prepare Your Hair for Bleaching

As popular as rebonding is, it should only be done on a limited basis because it can cause hair to become fragile. It also necessitates a lot of hair care maintenance, so select wisely!

Side Effects of Permanent Hair Straightening

  1. Hair Fall

Yes, hair fall is a painful reality of permanent hair straightening. Hair fall is something you will encounter after permanent hair straightening, even if you maintain a hygienic and good hair care program. The issue worsens when the wrong drugs are used and the wrong approach is used. Using a hot iron on your hair may weaken the hair follicles, resulting in hair loss. It could take months, if not years, for your hair to return to its normal state.

  1. Dry Hair

Dry hair is another typical problem related to permanent hair straightening. Continuously using a hot iron on your hair may dehydrate it, leaving your scalp parched. Make certain that the specialist does not apply chemicals directly to the roots. It is recommended that chemicals be sprayed after leaving a centimetre separation from the roots. Chemicals on roots might damage them and dry them. If you already have dry hair, the situation worsens.

  1. Split Ends

Permanent hair straightening has a painful reality. If you choose to straighten your hair, you may experience other hair issues in addition to split ends. Yes, hair straightening can cause dry and broken ends, which is usually caused by the chemical used in the treatment. To avoid this, you should keep your hair trimmed regularly.

People Also Asked

Is there a natural technique to straighten your hair that does not need the use of chemicals or heat?

Unfortunately, there is no method to keep your hair straight for an extended amount of time without using heat or chemicals. However, with the appropriate diet and enough exercise, you can improve the general texture of your hair. Also, when leaving the house, cover your hair with a cap or scarf.

Hair Dye Allergy – Symptoms and Home Remedies

Can we straighten our hair permanently at home?

You can try permanent hair straightening at home with home kits. We would not recommend doing this unless you are a professional practitioner because you risk scorching or injuring your hair. You might try at-home deep conditioning treatments on your hair.

Do all permanent straightening procedures cause brittle hair?

Your natural hair is the healthiest when it is left alone. Permanent hair straightening treatments will always cause some harm to your hair since they involve chemicals and heat, and there is a lot of pulling of the hair, which weakens the shaft of the hair.

While we understand that these treatments are occasionally required, we recommend that they be done less frequently. Instead, going to hydrating deep conditioning hair spas is a good idea because they tend to keep your hair healthy without causing damage.

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