Home Remedies to Prevent Skin Peeling on Fingers

Do you suffer from skin peeling on your fingers? Try these home remedies and say goodbye to this problem for good.

Peeling skin around the fingers makes doing simple tasks or even basic chores quite a hindrance. Doing basic tasks such as washing or cleaning up is accompanied by irritation and discomfort. Furthermore, it also affects the very appearance of your fingers by giving them a “flaky” look.

During the day, we do various tasks, and by doing these tasks, we use our fingers. Our fingers are in contact with something almost throughout the whole day and some things may be a factor that may bring about harmful effects to our fingers.

Your skin is peeling? Fret not! Try out these 7 home remedies, bring back your hands’ softness and smoothness, and, most importantly, prevent skin from peeling on your fingers!

8 Home Remedies that Work like a Charm!

  1. Stay Hydrated

This goes without saying. Drink as much water as you can throughout the day. Drinking water is widely linked to various skin-related issues. It will help with different types of skin issues along with peeling skin.

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These include clearer skin, dry skin, and many more. Drinking water helps the skin remain hydrated and it helps in expelling toxins. Drink at least a few glasses of water during the day.

  1. Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is often used when dealing with dry skin. It helps moisturize the skin. Applying Petroleum Jelly on your fingertips brings about a significant change overnight.

The best way to utilize this method is to apply Petroleum Jelly to your fingertips before heading to bed. It’s best to make sure that your hands are covered overnight so you could use gloves to cover your hands. Wake up the next day with no flaky skin insight.

  1. Honey

Honey is known to have hydrating and nourishing properties. The nature of honey allows it to be used in the treatment of peeling skin. Honey acts as a humectant. This means that honey absorbs moisture from the surrounding environment and basically “sticks” it to the surface of your skin.

The best way to apply this is to use a cotton bud or any sort of cotton and rub the honey on the affected fingertips. Wash the honey off after 15 minutes and repeat at least 2 times a day for effective results.

  1. Stop using extremely hot water to wash your hands

Instead of using extremely hot water to wash your hands, you should use warm water.

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Warm water essentially enables the dry and flaky skin to fall off. You can use a bowl and fill it with warm water and soak your hands in it for a few minutes daily.

  1. Milk

Undoubtedly one of the most effective methods you could try at home is applying milk. Milk contains copious amounts of micronutrients, which in turn will make your skin soft and healthy, preventing skin peeling.

This method can be used with honey as well to further enhance the effects. Take a bowl and add warm milk along with some honey. Apply on fingertips and wash after 10 minutes with warm water. Repeat daily and the effects will soon come to light.

  1. Oats

Gently rubbing your finger with Oats will help with getting rid of the flakes that may develop into peeling skin. This can be done as a preventive measure.

Apply oats to milk or water and allow them to soften. Dip your hands in the mixture of oats and milk/water for a couple of minutes. Gently rub the oats on your dry hands or fingertips and let your hand dry.

  1. Cucumbers

Cucumbers contain abundant amounts of Vitamins that are healthy for the skin. Cucumbers are best known for their healing nature and are often used on the skin. The way to use cucumbers is rather simple. Cut a small slice of a cucumber and gently rub it onto the fingertips. It restores damaged skin and reduces irritation.

  1. Aloe Vera

Just like Petroleum Jelly, Aloe Vera has moisturizing properties allowing it to heal dry skin. Furthermore, Aloe Vera gives off a cooling effect that helps with the burning sensation that may come with peeling skin and the application of Aloe Vera is one of the top methods to relieve these symptoms.

Take a small amount of Aloe Vera gel and apply it on the fingertips or affected areas and let the gel dry. This method is more effective if repeated multiple times a day.

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Here’s hoping the above remedies will benefit you in many ways. However, don’t hesitate to see a skin specialist if the skin peeling gets worse. Moreover, give these remedies some time to work out their magic.

Here’s hoping you get rid of this problem really soon.

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