How to Remove Fake Eyelashes at Home

Eyelashes have a significant impact on our appearance, which is why there are so many cosmetics and serums designed to lengthen, plump, and volumize our lashes. They make our eyes appear larger, flirty and compel a great deal of attention.

Though cosmetics might help to enhance lashes, they can’t compare to the dramatic impression that wearing a pair of artificial lashes can provide! It’ll be difficult to remain pleased with your usual cosmetic routine after you’ve experienced the dramatic effect of more lashes.

Wearing artificial lashes may appear to be simple, but they require correct care and application skills. At the end of the night, you don’t want to be the one with an eyelash hanging loose or only one artificial eyelash on. Rogue fake lashes, on the other hand, can be avoided with careful application and won’t be a major issue. Read on to know our guide on taking the right care of your eyelashes.

A Quick Advice

Eyelash extensions are easy to remove at home. Breaking down the lash glue using coconut oil or olive oil is the most typical way. To avoid any damage to your natural lashes, it is usually better to get your lashes removed by a professional. Professionals employ a particular remover to loosen the adhesive bond.

You should basically do everything your lash stylist taught you not to do to successfully remove eyelash extensions at home!

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Do you recall your stylist reminding you that oil-based makeup remover should never be used? Oils are known for causing poor extension retention by breaking down the adhesive used to apply eyelash extensions.

  1. Remove It With Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best oil for removing lash extensions, which is why it’s a terrific choice for securely removing these fake lashes. Warm-up some extra virgin olive oil for the removal.

Place one or two cotton pads on each eye and proceed as directed in the step-by-step guide.

Olive oil will help to maintain the condition of your natural lashes while also breaking down the adhesive that holds the extensions in place.

The only problem is that olive oil isn’t very effective as a lash glue remover. As a result, plan on wetting and rubbing the q-tip over your eyelashes many times.

  1. Take Steam or A Hot Shower

Don’t pick, pluck, rub, or pull at your lash extensions even if you’re in the shower. If you don’t, you risk hurting your natural lashes as well as your eyes. Plucking your lashes may cause them to break, and touching your lashes can transfer bacteria to your lash line and surrounding eye area quickly.

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Take a hot shower instead if you’re wanting to speed up the fallout process. Your lash artist may advise you to avoid getting your lashes wet or using steam to lengthen their life, but doing the opposite may assist remove any outliers still hanging to your lash line for dear life.

A Step by Step Guide to Remove False Eyelashes

Up there we mentioned two ways that you can use carefully remove your fake eyelashes, but we thought it better to give you a step-by-step guide. So let’s get started.

  1. Wash Your Face

Wash your face, as usual, avoiding pulling or tugging on the eye area, to remove any built-up makeup or dirt in the lashes. Your natural lashes may be harmed as a result of this.

  1. Make use of steam

Place your face over a bowl or your sink filled with boiling hot water. To keep the steam from escaping, cover your head with a towel. Continue to hold this position for a few minutes until the adhesive bond begins to loosen.

  1. Heat the oil

Coconut oil is ideal for removing lash extensions, but other oils such as olive oil, castor oil, or vegetable oil can also be used. Heat the oil in a small bowl for a few seconds before serving. Before applying the oil, test it with your finger to make sure it isn’t too hot to the touch.

  1. Soak cotton pads in oil once it’s warm

Soak one or two cotton pads in the oil once it’s warm. Allow five to ten minutes for the pad to sit over one eye. Now, delicately run the pad across the eyelash, allowing the oil to remain for a few minutes on the lash.

  1. Remove The Extensions

Remove the extension by gently wiping the same pad across your eyelashes until they begin to fall out. Ascertain that the lashes fall naturally onto the pad. If you tug or pull on them, you risk damaging your natural lashes, so proceed with caution. Steps 4 and 5 should be repeated with the second eye.

Risks Involved

It’s safe to assume that if you follow the following instructions for removing eyelash extensions, you’ll be OK. However, we believe you should be cautious of the risks before proceeding.

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Among the most common dangers are:

  • Your natural lashes are being harmed.
  • Infection risk in the eyes.
  • Removal products of inferior quality are being used.
  • If you apply too much oil to your skin, it might clog your pores.
  • To be on the safe side, I recommend having your lash extensions professionally removed.

A Few Tips

For the best outcomes, there are a few things to bear in mind. The most important thing to remember is not to pick or pull on the lash extensions.

Keep your hands off the lashes as much as possible, as much as you want to get the extensions off quickly. Cut or snip the extensions off to avoid damaging your natural lashes.

Also, avoid rubbing or plucking the eyelash extensions. Take a hot shower instead to release the adhesive on your lash line.

The lashes will be looser and easier to remove if you use an oil-based cleanser.

Final Word

Rather than waiting for eyelash extensions to fall out on their own, it is advisable to have them removed. Removing the extensions protects your natural lashes and allows you to receive a new set, preserving your appearance.

To properly remove the lashes, though, you’ll need the right materials and procedures. Depending on what’s available, choose the best DIY lash remover. Most crucial, if you have any doubts, seek clarification.

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