How To Remove Kajal Properly Without Messing It Up

Let’s say you have a very formal party to attend. Now imagine you’re done with your hair and makeup but, no matter how hard you try the look just feels incomplete. Like something is missing. And then it clicks, all you need is some kajal to put on your waterline.

Just a little something to bring out your exuberant eye makeup and make them pop. This goes without saying that the wonders of applying kajal are phenomenal. Turning an ordinary formal look into something extraordinary.

What Is Kajal

Kajal is most commonly used in the southeastern part of Asia by women to outline their inner waterline as well as to apply it above the eyelids. This enhances the shape of the eye and makes it look sharper. It comes from the Hindi word of Kajal and in some middle eastern areas is used by the name of kohl.

It’s mostly known for its herbal ingredients; even having a medicinal value which makes it okay to apply on our waterline.

Kajal And Eyeliner

Although it may seem as if eyeliner and kajal are the same things, in the world of makeup everything has its separate use.

The main difference between the two is that eyeliner is meant to only be applied on our eyelids whilst kajal can be applied on both our eyelids and our waterline. Although it won’t last long enough due to its texture, kajal can be used as an eyeliner but not vice versa.

Troubles In Removing Kajal

Since we’ve established the groundbreaking effects that kajal has on alleviating our look, it is also important to mention how much of a struggle it is getting it out.

How to Apply Kajal Thick and Bold Without Smudging

Sure it amplifies your makeup look but the hours after your event is over and you tiredly try and get your makeup off, the kajal won’t move an inch. No amounts of scrubbing seem to work and if it does, it takes a layer off your skin with it.

How to Remove Kajal from Eyes

So, how can we ensure standing out from the crowd and have no issues in removing it? Well, that’s what we’re here for. Sit back and by the time you’re done with this, you’ll have a list of solutions to choose from.

Using Coconut oil

So the first agent that can help in easily removing kajal is coconut oil. Aside from helping in skin nourishment and preventing dark circles, it also aids in easily removing kajal from your eyes.

All you need to do is take room temperature coconut oil; dip in it a cotton swab and apply it to your waterline. After that, wait for a few minutes and wipe it clean using a soft towel.

A Wet Towel

If you’re exceptionally tired and cannot find it within you to make the effort to apply any sort of oil and wait, an easier alternative would be to use a wet towel and lightly rub it over where you applied the kajal.

Not only is this an effective way but is also a softer method that doesn’t require much force.

Using Vaseline

Vaseline is something every Pakistani has on standby at their house. It’s practically used for any and everything ranging from parched lips to dry skin.

In a way, it’s a very good alternative to your usual scented lotions. These lotions contain multiple additives that do more harm than good for your skin. Another major use that Vaseline has is removing kajal. Just take some vaseline on your fingertips, apply it gently on the areas where you’ve applied kajal and rub it clean with a cotton pad.

Using Rose Water

You’ve probably heard of the weird concoction that is rose water. Rose scented water that contains heaps of benefits. From being used in face wash and scrubs; another such use is its aid in removing kajal.

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Rosewater mainly acts as a soothing agent that is applied to easily wipe off the kajal. It can be used by massaging the rose water in the areas where it is applied and then wiped off with a cotton bud, for precision.

Baby Wipes

It’s no secret that baby wipes are used less for the baby and more for everyone else. For cleaning their hands, moistening their faces and even wiping off any facial product that we may put on. Baby wipes are infused with numerous ingredients that help nourish and make your skin glow. Therefore, it makes a perfect helper in removing the stubborn kajal from your eyes.

All you have to do is wipe the wipes around the area where you’ve applied kajal and rub it gently until it comes off. This will remove it easily with minimal effort and pain. This is also especially helpful when you’re on the go.

Vitamin E Capsules

The best vitamin for your skin, it’s particularly known for containing inflammatory properties that soothe your skin and make you age backwards. Vitamin E contains many antioxidants, too that assist in removing harmful toxins from our body.

Along with this, another great use of vitamin E is its aid in removing kajal. Not only is it a source of nourishment for the skin, but applying vitamin E gently on kajal-put areas and lightly scrubbing it off can easily remove the product.

Ending Word

Now that you’ve finally overlooked every possible prospect that may help remove the iron-willed kajal. You can free yourself from the never-ending fears of how you’re going to get rid of what you apply to your face.

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Washing your face bare of any makeup before sleeping is extremely important and if not done properly, can lead to negative side effects. This is why you should make sure to get rid of any product that you apply.

However, this shouldn’t restrict you from looking your best. Surely you must do your best to sweep the people off your feet. Don’t settle for basic eye looks but instead, enhance your style with the captivating effects of kajal.

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