Rice Water For Hair Growth And Silky Smooth Hair

A natural remedy for getting silky and smooth hair.

Are you also tired of not finding a way to repair dull and damaged hair even after spending thousands on hair care products? If yes then the simplest and cheapest solution to this is to turn towards trying natural remedies for repairing your hair.

One of the most tested and used natural remedies for hair is rice water. Rice water is one of those natural remedies which is rich in so many nutrients and minerals including amino acids which gives the hair the much needed shine and carbohydrates which help to repair damaged and rough hair.

It has no known side effects and can easily be made in everybody’s kitchen. Moreover, it is both accessible and affordable to everybody.

Types of Rice Water

There are two kinds of rice water and both of them have their own set of benefits that they provide to the hair. The two types are fermented rice water and plain rice water. Plain rice water due to its higher PH helps to close the cuticles of the hair and hence protects the hair.

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Whereas, fermented rice water has a unique quality of enhancing the existing nutrients and vitamins in the hair that leads to healthy hair growth. So always examine your hair properly before deciding which kind of rice water would be beneficial for it.

Benefits of Rice Water for Your Hair

Apart from these rice water overall has many other benefits for hair too. They are stated as follows:

  1. Hair Growth Improved

Rice water is rich in various amino acids and vitamins C,B and E which help in the regeneration of hair and prevent excessive hair fall. It can aid substantially to the faster growth of hair if you regularly rinse your hair after a wash with rice water. Repeat the process at least thrice in a month for quick results.

  1. Cures Dandruff

Dandruff can be one of the worst problems you’ll have to face with your hair. Especially in winters due to washing your hair with warm water, it is very easy to get dandruff and too difficult to get rid of it. Here, rice water works wonders to cure dandruff. Fermented rice water has anti-dandruff and anti-fungal properties which help in reducing dandruff by working against it. One of the ways to use rice water for this purpose is to make a mask using it and apply it at least twice a week to get the desired results.

  1. Works as a Conditioner

Instead of breaking your bank by spending thousands on conditioners one could use rice water in its natural form which has no side effects as a conditioner to get the same results without even spending that much. After shampooing and washing your hair just apply rice water instead of your usual conditioner. You can also add a hint of lavender in rice water too. You’ll see your hair getting smoother and healthier day by day if the process is repeated regularly. It also helps in improving the texture of your hair and adding volume to it.

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  1. Protects Hair from Damage

With constantly using heat in our hair and applying various chemicals to it, our hair tends to get very weak and damaged. One of the solutions to it is to use rice water which contains carbohydrates such as inositol which helps to strengthen the roots of the hair and repairs any damaged hair. Adding to this, the carbohydrates still remain present in the hair even after rinsing the rice water off and prevents any further damage to the hair. Just regularly massage your hair and scalp with rice water and voila you’ll see obvious changes to your hair soon!

  1. Gets rid of Split Ends

Split ends are a menace to one’s hair. It makes your hair look all messy and rough. You can not even properly style your hair because of so many split ends. Without spending too much, the solution to this is to let your split ends soak in rice water for about 15 to 20 minutes. You’ll see that the amino acids in rice water fight any degeneration in the health of your hair and your hair starts looking more healthier with less split ends. This remedy can prevent you from trimming your hair every time split ends are formed!

  1. Helps in Getting Shiny and Silky Hair

Having shiny and silky hair is a dream for every girl out there but it is not so easy to achieve it. Surely rice water has all those qualities that make it easier to fulfil this dream. It makes your hair look healthy because of all the nutrients which ultimately gives it its natural shine. Just make a mask of rice water and add some rose water into it. Apply the mask regularly and you can also have the hair of your dreams!

  1. Removes Lice

Due to the hot weather and humidity, our hair can easily get infected with lice. This eventually leads to a lot of itching and nobody really wants that! Starch present in rice water helps to kill lice instantly and further prevents any lice outbreaks.

  1. Helps in Getting rid of Frizzy Hair

Rice water has the qualities to get rid of frizzy hair which can make your hair look like a bad mess. The carbohydrates in it help to improve the texture and elasticity of hair. Adding to that they also reduce the friction and frizz in hair to give you the perfect smooth hair! Use a rice water mask and you are good to go!

Wrap Up!

These were all the wonderful benefits of rice water which eventually leads to healthy hair growth and silky smooth hair.

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You are just a step away from getting your desirable hair. All you have to do is when next time you are preparing rice don’t throw away that leftover rice water after you rinse the rice! Use it on your hair as well as on your skin to get the desirable results.

It’s so easy to make and very cost effective! So ladies, do try this natural remedy because you’ll definitely love the results!

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