What is BB Cream? Understanding the Benefits and Purpose

Are you tired of your time-taking skincare and makeup routine every morning? Then you should invest in BB cream. This will cut down your morning routine while still making you look beautiful and radiant.

BB cream, also known as blemish balm or beauty balm, is a makeup product designed to cater to skincare benefits like hydration, and anti-ageing properties while still providing coverage. You can use this product as a primer, foundation, and concealer. Now that’s a beauty powerhouse!

It is a great product for people who frequently go for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. If you want to learn more about the benefits and wonders of BB creams, read on to find out.

Benefits of BB Cream

When it comes to makeup, your main goal is a flawless base so the rest of the makeup is applied smoothly for a perfect finish. BB creams are perfect for a natural and dewy finish with minimum coverage.

Choosing the Right Body Butter for Your Skin Type

Plus it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Apart from that, this product also has many other benefits, here’s why you should buy a BB cream:

All-in-One Product

BB cream is considered an all-in-one product for your skin. This cream is a part makeup and part skincare product as you get the benefits of concealer, moisturizer, foundation, and even SPF. This way you’re not only saving your valuable time but also saving money.

Your skin will remain lightweight and gain the benefits of different products from one product.

Natural Finish

Unlike heavy foundations which may make your makeup look cakey, BB creams provide a natural and dewy look. This product will melt into your skin after application.

Although, if you’re someone who wants heavy coverage, BB cream can also be applied under regular foundation. This will create a thin layer on your skin that will feel lightweight and moisturizing.

Provides Coverage Without Irritation

BB cream can provide coverage without irritating your skin because it’s lightweight and has soothing properties. If you have acne-prone skin, don’t shy away from investing in BB creams since they can be beneficial in covering and maybe even reducing your blemishes.

Good For All Skin Types

BB creams are suitable to use for all skin types, including oily, acne prone, dry, sensitive, and more. Many skin types can benefit from a lightweight product that allows the skin to breathe. Plus BB creams contain a shorter ingredient list which is great for every skin type.

How to Choose the Right Serum for Your Face

Different BB creams cater to different skin types and people with oily skin types should invest in a BB cream with humectants to provide enough hydration to their skin. Just like that, choose a BB cream according to your skin type and needs.

How To Use A BB Cream – Step By Step

BB cream is pretty simple to us, you can use one as a part of your daily makeup routine instead of foundation. Follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to apply a BB cream:

Step #1 Prep Your Skin

First, you should cleanse your skin and do your normal skincare routine. If you have dry skin just make sure to apply a moisturiser before applying BB cream. People with oily skin can skip the moisturizer since the moisturizer in BB cream may be enough.

Step #2 Apply the BB Cream

Use a foundation brush, beauty blender, or your fingers to apply the BB cream on your face. Using your finger will help the product blend into your skin more easily. Use a beauty blender to settle the product into the skin afterwards.

Step #3 Continue Your Makeup Routine

Now that you’ve applied the BB cream, move forward by continuing your typical morning routine. If you want more coverage you can just use concealer.

You can apply SPF and other makeup products such as blush or cheek tint to finish your makeup look.

How To Choose The Perfect BB Cream For Yourself?

Every skin is unique therefore it’s perfectly fine if you’re confused about choosing the right BB cream for your needs. Follow these tips to find the perfect BB cream for your skin:

  • Identify your skin’s concern before shopping for a BB cream. If you have oily or combination skin, go for a matte-finishing BB cream. Whereas, if you have dry, or acne-prone skin, consider buying a BB cream with a hydrating formula.
  • People with sensitive skin should always consult their doctors or search for a clinically approved brand that would not irritate their skin.
  • Look for a BB cream with SPF, as it can protect your skin from sun damage and provide anti-ageing properties.
  • Different BB creams provide different levels of coverage, so choose according to your needs. A light coverage will give you a natural dewy look while a medium coverage will hide your blemishes and spots.
  • Research and read online reviews about the BB cream you want to invest in before buying a BB cream to get a headstart.

BB Cream vs. Foundation

Although BB creams vary in coverage, foundations provide maximum coverage. However, BB cream can go a step further and provide skincare benefits as well, such as hydration, anti-ageing properties, and sun protection.

The most important benefit of BB cream that sets it apart from a makeup foundation is its hydrating properties. While foundations sometimes tend to dry out the skin, BB creams can act as a moisturizer for the skin.

BB cream also provides a minimal tint to the skin which is lightweight and easy to use. No need to set it with a powder or spray. On days when you want a natural finish and don’t have much time, you can easily ditch the foundation and apply the BB cream on the go.


BB creams gained popularity after people started demanding a quick makeup fix for an everyday look. While it provides minimal coverage, it is also great for the skin with its hydrating properties.

BB cream will provide a seamless and dewy finish making your look effortlessly beautiful. It is a holy grail product for people who hate applying a thousand products on their skin every day.

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