What to Do When You Sleep with Makeup On

Find out why sleeping with makeup is not recommended and how you can save your skin.

Did you arrive home tired and exhausted last night? You were too sleepy to remove your makeup and as a result, you slept with makeup? Did you? Although we won’t suggest this for anyone but see, you aren’t a superhero. It is a human-think to get tired and sleep with all the make-up on. But, let’s accept it. Sleeping with makeup isn’t good for your skin at all.

When you sleep with makeup on your face, you open doors for acne, lots of skin dehydration, and a super dull complexion. Moreover, when you sleep with makeup for a long time, it becomes hard to remove firm makeup particles later. Here are a few things in detail that happen when you sleep with makeup on.

Did You Sleep in the Foundation?

Sleeping with face makeup or foundation can make your skin look extremely dull. Moreover, the foundation prevents moisture from entering your skin leaving it completely dehydrated all night. Dehydrated skin is prone to acne, irritation, and rashes. Sleeping with the foundation can also lead to severe skin infections. Sleeping with the foundation can also lead to early skin ageing.

Did You Sleep in Eye Makeup?

If you did, it is not the best thing to do. Sleeping with eye makeup can cause lots of irritation and unnecessary puffiness around your eyes. The mascara spreads around your eyes leading to a high chance of acne and rashes. Besides, mascara is a pretty tough product to remove and it becomes firmer with time.

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Did You Sleep in Lipstick?

Wearing lipstick all night and sleeping with it can harm your lips in the most unexpected ways. Lipstick, if matte, can leave your lips dehydrated. Also, your lips get enough time to absorb all the bad chemicals and transfer them into your blood. At the end of the day, lipstick is an inorganic product. A few lipstick formulas are even cancer-causing.

In a nutshell, whether you are tired after late partying or binge-watching a Netflix show, make sure to spare some time to remove all your makeup.

But if you can’t and you didn’t, here are some simple and effective tips and tricks you can follow the next morning to ensure no or very little damage is done. Read ahead and save your skin today.

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Ways to save your skin from the damage done

  1. Cleanse as many times as you can

When you wake up with a face full of makeup, make sure to cleanse more than once. Start with an oil-based cleanser. Oil-based cleansers break down all makeup particles within a few minutes. Once done, move on to the foaming cleansers. Foaming cleansers remove all kinds of dirt particles and impurities. You can do this process two times a day to ensure a clean face and a smooth surface.

  1. Exfoliation is key

Don’t forget to exfoliate. Even if you exfoliated just a day before, exfoliate again because your skin’s state allowed that. Exfoliation opens your skin’s pores and helps to establish a soft skin texture.

  1. Use a Mask

Being buried under layers of thick makeup all night, your skin deserves to be treated with a hydrating mask. This mask will help bring back all the lost moisture and brightness to your skin. A good mask also curbs down any puffiness or irritation around your face.

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  1. Moisturize

Gift your skin the blessings of a moisturizer. A skin-care routine is incomplete with an application of a good moisturizer. Make sure to apply as much as you can so your skin can thank you later.

  1. Let your skin rest

As much as you love makeup, make sure to not apply this for at least the next two days. Let your skin breathe and take in the good nourishments. Massage your face with an essential oil every day. Use steam to improve the condition of your dehydrated skin.

  1. Don’t ever repeat this!

By this we mean, sleeping -with-the-makeup act. This is a crime. Your skin is the most beautiful blessing from God. Don’t let a small mistake ruin its appearance and reduce its life.

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