How to Apply and Remove Waterproof Mascara

Find out how you can apply and remove your waterproof mascara without damaging your eyelashes.

Timeless love for mascara

If you are like us or 99% of women around the world, you would clearly know which makeup product is your favourite. No makeup product is loved as much as mascara. A mascara adds volume to your eyelashes and completely changes your overall look.

You will be amazed to know that most women go for an only-mascara look on every day to work. Even if you apply mascara and a lip tint, you are completely ready for work.

A Waterproof mascara any day!

Mascara is one of the most sold products around the world. A majority of people go for waterproof mascara. This is because it can withstand anything. From seat to water to tears, you can trust this mascara to stay in all kinds of situations. However, for some people, waterproof mascara is quite a hassle. There have been complaints of dehydrated lashes and discomfort while mascara removal.

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For us, as long as you know how to apply and remove your waterproof mascara, it is one of the best things you can own. In this article, we have helped you find out the easy application and removal of waterproof mascara.

Waterproof Mascara Application

We can’t run away from the fact that waterproof mascara causes immense dryness on lashes. It dehydrates your lashes by creating a strong wall between moisture and your lashes. Dehydrated lashes are weak and brittle. They tend to break easily. To avoid that, apply a lash primer on your lashes before the application of mascara. Don’t wait for the primer to dry. Apply your mascara when the primer is still wet.

When applying mascara, start with the base of your lashes and slowly move towards the end of your lash tips. Use a firm grip but apply with precision and care. You do not want any mascara on your face, do you?

Waterproof Mascara Removal

Waterproof mascara is all fun and games until you need to remove it. To attain a mascara-free face without breaking any eyelashes is a big challenge. Since waterproof mascara can stand humidity, rainy days and tears, it is not easy to remove it from your eyelashes.

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It does sound tricky but we are here to guide you. Read ahead to understand different tricks that can help you remove your stubborn mascara.

Since removing waterproof mascara isn’t an easy job, you do require something intense and super-effective to deal with it. Makeup often requires something a little more intense. Eye-makeup removers with oil based formulas work quite well with mascara removal. Besides, these formulas also fill your lashes with much-needed moisture.

To remove all your mascara in a single go, follow the steps below.

  1. Start with mixing your makeup remover with coconut or baby oil. Mix well so it forms a single thick solution.
  2. For a gentle removal process, use a cotton bud as a weapon. Soak a cotton bud in this mixture and close your eyes.
  3. Hold the bud against your eyes for 30 seconds. This tried and tested wait helps with easier removal.
  4. Gently move the cotton bud on your eyelashes and start sliding it over. The makeup removal and oil formula are so powerful that a majority of mascara slides off on just this step.
  5. Now for the remaining mascara hidden on the underside of your eyelashes, divide the cotton in half and slide it in to remove.
  6. To end this process, move the bottom to the corners of your eyes and clean any mascara residues.

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This step-by-step process will not only help you save your eyelashes but will also remove all the mascara in one go without you looking like a homeless raccoon.

Look after your eyelashes

We know the above process is enough to get rid of all the mascara but what about lash aftercare? After this removal method, apply an eye serum or a lash mask to protect your lashes from falling and strengthening their bond with your eyes.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how easy it is to apply and remove mascara, do not hesitate to spend your money on waterproof mascara. It doesn’t spread and stays on your eyes for as long as you want. Also, it makes you look beautiful!

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