9 Things No One Ever Tells You About Waxing

7 important waxing rules that you had no idea about!

We all love what waxing does to us, don’t we? Nothing beats the feeling when we finally get rid of our unwanted hair and get to enjoy smooth silky skin. Waxing both arms and legs together gives us the confidence to flaunt our body without any worries.

Like with any other beauty procedure, waxing also has some rules that must be followed for perfect results. There are some best practices associated with waxing that most women have no idea about. Even those women who get themselves waxed on a regular basis, have no clue about certain rules that go hand in hand with the procedure of waxing. There are also some tips that one should follow before a waxing appointment.

The unheard rules of the waxing world

Even though waxing is a common beauty procedure that involves hair removal, there are many dont’s and do’s associated with this technique that many women, even some beauticians, are unaware of. To get to the truth of this technique, we have done our research for you and have gone to different experts who know all about waxing. To save your skin’s health, we have listed all the tips, cleared a few myths and penned our views on waxing in detail. Take a read and make your life easy.

  1. Use a wax that’s natural or is at least free from any toxic ingredients

The more chemicals, the greater the side effects. Keep your wax as natural as possible. Go for a wax that promises to be free from any preservatives. A most common habit observed at various salons is that they apply retinol on hands and legs before starting the waxing procedure. This is a wrong habit and must be stopped. We are all aware of the fact that retinol smoothes down our skin and is great to treat acne but most of us are not aware of the truth that retinol causes skin sensitivity. Wax containing the pure form of retinol can cause irritation and redness and can leave the skin in a vulnerable state. To avoid this from happening, read the ingredients label on the wax bottle and save yourself from any harm.

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  1. The length of the hair

This again is a great tip that most women are unaware of. The length of your body hair is the key to having an amazing wax experience. According to experts, keep your body hair length at least one-eighth of the inch. This is the standard length. If your body hair isn’t long enough, wait for them to grow. Shave your hair way before your next waxing appointment and let them grow enough to reach the standard length.

  1. Moisturize your skin

Moisturizing your skin is as important as breathing. Moisturization plays a great role in keeping your skin healthy and soft for long. Moisturize before waxing and moisturize after waxing. Hydrate your skin, especially in winters when the tendency of your skin turning dry is pretty high. Dryness leads to hair breakage which then leads to thick hair growth, which we are sure you don’t want. Apply a moisturizer to your dry skin whenever you get the time.

Skin exfoliation is also as vital as moisturization. With exfoliation, you are cleaning your skin from all the dead skin cells that might be giving life to bacteria. Waxing works well on skins that are Exfoliate regularly and taken care of.

  1. Choose the Right waxing formula

Before you make your waxing appointment, make sure you are aware of the different kinds of waxing formulas available now. There are a few wax formulas that are more popular than the other. Sugar wax is a traditional wax formula that uses strips of cloth to remove hair. This formula has been used for years and is very effective. There is also a fruit wax that is slowly picking up popularity. A fruit wax is made from all-natural ingredients such as fruit extracts and has zero preservatives. This wax isn’t as efficient as the sugar wax at home when it comes to its performance, but for people who consider everything natural, it is worth giving a try.

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  1. Avoid shaving your hair between wax appointments

Most people tend to shave off their hair between their wax appointments. This is usually done to fix the tiny hair for a short time. This, although is just a temporary fix it leaves permanent effects. The skin becomes coarse and the hair starts to reappear after two or three days. This is because shaving hair with a razor only removes hair at skin level. It’s best to wait and have patience between your wax appointments. Waxing not only improves the texture of your hair but also decreases its growth. This leads to lesser wax appointments and lots of money saved.

  1. Apply SPF after your waxing appointment

Your skin turns extra sensitive after a waxing procedure. Sensitive skin is prone to damage so to save yourself from anything bad happening, apply SPF as soon as you are done with the procedure. Applying SPF is highly recommended within the first 24 hours of waxing. This is to ensure no redness or irritation happens. People limit the use of sunscreen to just sun and summers. That’s not right. Applying sunscreen is as important in winters as it is in summers.

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And lastly,

  1. Let the professionals handle it all!

We usually take the statement, ‘ customer is always right’, way too seriously. A customer is right at times but professionals are experts that know enough to guide us. When you are in a salon, talk out with a professional and communicate your concerns regarding the wax and the procedure. Listen to what they have to say about skincare after and before waxing. Most people prefer waxing at home. If possible, don’t make this mistake. Go to a beauty salon that offers this service and get waxed by trained staff. There are so many tiny things that go into the waxing procedure that most women are not aware of. Get your body parts waxed from those who have learnt to do it so that you can avoid big accidents. Let the experts take care of your unwanted hair while you sit and enjoy a cup of hot coffee.

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