Do You Know The Benefits of Body Polishing?

What is body polishing and why is it so important?

You must have across the term body polishing but may not be aware of its treatment and benefits. Body polishing is an exfoliating treatment that leaves your body completely moisturized and softer for a long period of time. This process is a major step in a facial treatment and mainly involves a steam session followed by scrubbing and a thorough massage. You can enjoy this treatment in a beauty salon or can also opt for an at-home body polishing.

Many people think that body polishing causes acne and rashes. Well, this isn’t true. This process is even safe for the most sensitive skins. Body polishing involves all natural ingredients and essential oils with no additives or chemicals. Moreover, no process makes your skin softer than body or face polishing treatment. This process cleanses your skin and nurtures it to make it completely new and fresh.

Face PolisherRs.2000
Face Polisher + CleanserRs.2700
Dermaclear Facial *Rs.3200
Dermaclear Facial with Polisher *Rs.3600
Janssen Whitening Facial *Rs.4500
Janssen Whitening Facial with Polisher *Rs.5500

Without going any further, let’s first highlight the benefits of body polishing.

Benefits of Body Polishing

  1. Body Polishing Clears your skin

Body Polishing gives your skin a new life. It is not easy for your skin to live in a polluted world and absorb all the grime and dust every time. Your skin needs a break and body polishing helps you to achieve that. Body Polishing rejuvenates your skin. The process of massaging and scrubbing removes all the debris and dead cells and gives your skin a new glow.

  1. Body Polishing accelerates cell growth

Body polishing gives your skin an advanced exfoliating experience. It removes all kinds of debris and dead cells and stimulates the production of new cells. Moreover, it opens all the clogged pores for your skin to breathe freely. Dead cells and clogged pores give your skin dull and dry complexion and texture. Body polishing helps remove anything that hinders your skin’s positive growth.

During the treatment of body polishing, ingredients such as salt, sugar, oatmeal and coffee are mixed together to remove any kind of dirt and debris build-up within minutes. Regular sessions of body polishing give a green signal to cell production and improve your skin’s texture, radiance and smoothness.

  1. Body Polishing improves blood flow

This isn’t a hidden secret anymore. Both exfoliation and massage treatment improves your blood flow. This results in a revival of a new and fresh skin tone. When your skin receives a better and proper supply of oxygen, it glows and grows. Moreover, good circulation also means you get a beautiful, pinkish complexion.

Body polishing also aids the faster removal of toxins and dust particles from your body. With just one session, you can easily witness the results of this treatment.

  1. Body Polishing treats pigmentation

A session of body polishing can also treat your pigmentation, acne, dark spots or an uneven skin tone. Since body polishing doesn’t use chemicals or preservatives, your skin feels much lighter and acid-free. However, in the case of pigmentation, you must go through a series of body polishing sessions before you see a visible change.

  1. Body Polishing Hydrates your skin

In body polishing, after an exfoliation session, the opened pores are closed to avoid the entry of dust particles into your skin. For this, a hydrating agent such as oils or lotions are massaged into your skin. These agents pass through the open pores and go deep inside your skin. They nurture, soften and hydrate your skin.

Now that you know how amazing a body polishing treatment is, we have answered a few common questions people have regarding this treatment.

Is body polishing similar to scrubbing?

They are both very similar. Body scrubbing is a part of the polishing process. It cleanses the skin.

Is it possible to perform body polishing at home?

Yes, it is. You can definitely skip a salon trip and prepare all the elements needed for a body polishing process. For perfect body polish, make sure to mix an oil base with a reputable and safe exfoliate. The oil base is essential to keep your skin hydrated.

How to perform body polishing at home?

Here is a step by step guide to perform body polishing at home.

  1. Wash your face with hot water. The water should be hot enough to produce steam that can open your pores.
  2. Warm some oil and gently massage it all over your face.
  3. For exfoliation, take a scrub mixture and rub in your skin
  4. Once satisfied, wash your face again with some warm steaming water. This is important to rinse off dirt and grime.
  5. Finish the process by applying a moisturizer to your skin. This step will keep your skin hydrated.

Final Words

Your skin is a wonderful asset you own. It is your duty to keep it healthy and fresh. Body polishing is a wonderful treatment to give your skin a new life. A session of body polishing, at least twice every month, will keep your skin glowing and fresh.

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