Beauty Sleep to Regenerate Your Skin

Have you heard of beauty sleep? Well, it is a real thing, and it does good things to your skin.

Just like our whole body, our skin has its own circadian clock too. When you get a good night’s sleep, different skin processes occur that make your skin look fresh and young. Hence, the name – beauty sleep; get it?

Science says the nighttime is the optimal time for skin to rejuvenate, repair from damages and do all its healing – the building of cells and tissues.

During the day, our skin is busy fighting heat, pollutants, and many other damaging substances. During the night, it gets time to relax and get back to its normal shape and state. Since the daytime is critical for your skin, you need to protect it with sunblock, antioxidant creams and keep it hydrated. Drink your water, sis!

How Much Sleep is Important?

To get fresh and radiant skin one needs to sleep for a good 7-8 hours in order to wake up feeling awakened and rested. With our busy schedules, getting a good night’s sleep feels like a chore, and one makes do with even 5-6 hours of shut-eye, but that is not right. A person slowly falls into a cycle of sleep deprivation without even knowing it. Sleep duration varies for each individual with teenagers and infants needing it more than average adults do.

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What Does Your Skin Do When You are Asleep?

As we drift off to sleep, our skin starts its healing programs, where lots of repairing and rejuvenation of cells takes place. These processes are vital to keep our skins looking healthy and fresh. When a person is well-rested, their skin automatically gives off a fresh vibe, and they naturally appear happy too. Therefore, that is a win-win situation.

When you get a good night’s sleep, stress is lifted off your chest and head, which makes your body appear calm and relaxed. When your mind and body are fresh, your skin will look healthy too.

Skin Regeneration

When we are fast asleep, cells in our skin undergo a process called mitosis (cell division). This is the process of cell renewal. Science says the peak time of this process is between 9 pm to 12 am, so it is important to take advantage of this time to maximize beauty effects. Hello

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When you get enough sleep, your skin does not get dry and shows fewer wrinkles. Our skin makes collagen when we sleep for a good time, which prevents it from sagging.

Chances are you are not getting enough sleep if your eyes look puffy and less bright. Therefore, it’s about time you fix your sleep schedule and give your skin a good time to heal.

Keep yourself well-hydrated and place a pillow under your head to normalize the blood flow, which will also reduce the puffiness.

Your skin loses moisture at night. Just like there’s a peak time for mitosis, there’s a peak time for sebum excretion too. This happens during the mid-day. At night, sebum excretion is reduced, so make sure you use a good hydrating moisturizing cream to overcome the losses.

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Make sure you follow these tips to attain good, wrinkle-free, and hydrated skin. Moreover, don’t forget to get your beauty sleep, darlings.

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