How to Enhance Your Dimples With Makeup

Flaunt your dimples with these easy yet mind blowing makeup techniques

The love for Dimples is universal

People with dimples are truly blessed. Yes, We said that! Dimples are beautiful and add character and personality to your face. Your dimples, big or small, can make you or anyone else cuter than they already are. Dimples are God-gifted and not everyone can have them. But thanks to advanced makeup techniques today, it is very much possible to have fake dimples or an enhancement of those already gifted dimples. Yes, just because you weren’t born with dimples, doesn’t mean you can’t have them. A big and contagious smile is everyone’s right so why not create it on our own?

If the above discussion has intrigued you and built an interest in your mind and heart, here are some of the two most interesting guides to achieve better or artificial dimples within a few minutes. If you have dimples already, you can use this step-by-step guide to enhance or you can use these tricks to create new dimples on your own.

There is no point in regretting facial features that you do not own. Be it big eyes, tiny nose or dimples. If you do not have dimples, but want them badly, do not worry. Right below we have unveiled a secret makeup technique to help you get a simple look within minutes.

  1. Grab the essentials

Find an eyeliner and a blending brush. For the eyeliner, make sure it is waterproof. The bleeding brush should have a good blending power because this technique won’t work with a poor blending and apparent marks on your face.

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  1. Show your drawing skills

Drawing skills with some makeup tools? Interesting! We are not asking you to recreate an old painting. Use the eyeliner to create half circles on your face. Make these circles almost an inch away from your lips. Use a ruler to measure the position of circles on each side of your face. Measuring is important so you do not end up deformed face. The semi-circle should open in the direction of your mouth.

  1. Blend till it feels real

THis technique requires you to exhibit your perfect blending skills. Do not let those harsh and apparent lines reveal your fake dimples. Blend to perfection. Keep moving your blending brush until you are fully satisfied. Within a few minutes of blending, you will get two perfectly dream-like dimples.

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A Makeup Guide to enhance your existing dimples

Do you have two pretty dimples already but they are not prominent enough? We understand how it feels. Owning the most beautiful features but crying over their small size or dullness is pretty normal. To help you out, we have researched and established a super-effective makeup technique. This technique is like a step-by-step guide to achieving prominent and bigger dimples within minutes. We know you can’t keep that excitement. So without further ado, read away and enlighten yourself.

  1. Start with priming your face

We can’t stress enough the advantages of applying primer before any makeup technique. This step creates a smooth and clean surface to create any kind of magic. An even base leads to easy absorption of all makeup products. With primers, always buy a non-oil one with a smooth texture.

  1. Move on to foundation

After a primer application, move on to your foundation. Foundation is important to even out your face and hide any Mark’s or uneven texture and colour. Always opt for a lightweight foundation. This formula easily disappears with more makeup layers. This way your face doesn’t feel cakey or too unnatural. You can use a sponge to blend your base and achieve a perfect finish.

  1. Contour to achieve prominent dimples

Many of you may not know but you can contour your dimples as easily and effectively as you can contour your cheekbones. The aim of a contouring technique is to emphasize a certain part of your face. The part can be your collarbone, dimples or your cheekbones.

To achieve perfectionism in your contouring results, grab a matte eyeshadow powder. This powder should be two tones darker than your skin’s complexion. If you have a contour powder, you can use that as well.

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Now, do what you love to do with your God-gifted dimples. Smile! A big smile! Smile hard enough so your dimples are easily visible and you know what to contour. Fill your dimples now. Use the powder and a brush to fill your dimples with all the color. Blend the powder properly to ensure no harsh lines or marks are visible. Good contouring involves lots of blending to create a visible illusion. So if you want great dimples, be ready to put your blending skills at work.

  1. Clever application of other beauty products

If you want a successful dimple makeup look, do not ignore the placement of other makeup products on your face. With other products we mean a highlighter and a blush. Do not apply any blush or highlighter on your dimple area. Make sure to focus these two products on the upper part of the cheeks. Keep the dimples in their natural state for as long as you like.

  1. Complete your look

Now that your dimples are ready and sorted, finish your overall makeup look. Apply an eyeliner followed by mascara. Colour your lips with beautiful lip colour and proudly own your beautiful face.

  1. Finish off with a setting spray

To ensure every makeup product stays in its position for as long as you want, apply some setting spray on your face. This spray will bind all the products so you can flaunt your face without a worry in the world.

Fake It or Enhance It, Do it for your own self!

There is no harm in creating features that you love but do not own naturally. As long as there are no surgical procedures involved, you can create or enhance your dimples through a safe makeup technique. But while doing that, always keep the bottom line in your mind. Love yourself for who you are and never envy people with looks and features better than yours. Also, don’t you ever forget to flaunt that Smile!

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