Are Hot Showers a Reason for Hair Loss During Winter?

Hot showers can ruin your hair and here is how!

There is nothing as good as a hot shower after a long day on a cold, winter night. We love it when hot water droplets fall on our cold skin every night. The feeling is great but is it really the correct way to feel relaxed? We are all aware of how harmful hot water can be to our skin. It can lead to itchiness, redness and flaky skin. It ruins the condition of the skin but are you aware that with your skin, the same hot water doesn’t spare your hair as well?

What causes hair loss in winters?

Hair loss is inevitable, but have you ever noticed that the rate of hair loss increases in winters? Hair loss is an unnatural process. It doesn’t happen to everyone and it has its reasons. Since it is not natural, it does ring a bell when it happens.

Hot water has the tendency to damage your hair follicles. A water shower above 37 C is way above your body temperature is higher than body temperature and is therefore unnatural.

The effects of Hot showers on your hair

Hot water can cause extreme dryness. It tends to damage your scalp. Hot water can also cause inflammation. Inflammation can cause hair loss and thinness.

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If that’s not enough, hot showers can extract all the essential oil from your hair and scalp. Essential oils protect the scalp from any damage. Without the oils, the scalp remains vulnerable for long. Without the oil, the hair follicles remain unsupported for long and then fall off and die.

Regular hot showers can make your hair dry and frizzy. Frizzy and dry hair is extremely weak, and they fall off quite easily. You shouldn’t give up a hot shower completely. Hot water showers unclog pores and remove all the dirt. They also open your scalp cuticles and help with blood circulation. There is so much good that hot showers bring. We don’t want you to avoid them completely.

How to avoid hot showers?

Instead of extreme hot showers, use lukewarm water instead. It is not as warm and hot as your preferred shower temperature but it can save you from so much harm.

As opposed to hot water, cold water can give your hair a shiny and glossy texture and feel. Coldwater also protects all your essential oils.

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Not just that, cold water showers also improve blood circulation and improve the condition of your scalp. Increased circulation leads to an equal distribution of minerals, oxygen and nutrients to your follicles and scalp. In short, cold water makes your hair grow.

How do you heal your hair after the damage is done?

If you have been using hot showers for years, chances are your hairs aren’t in great form anymore. They have lost their strength and are falling at the speed of light. To bring them back to their healthy form, here are a few things you can do.

  1. Wet wash your hair twice a week only. Use mild hot water to wash them. Use a hydrating wash formula and apply it to your during every wash.
  2. Apply a hydrating oil to your hair before every wash. This oil builds up moisture in your scalp. Apply the oil at least a day before your wash day. Give the oil enough time to get absorbed by your dry hair strands.
  3. During a wash, make sure all the oils and shampoos have properly been extracted. Do let any of them pile up in your head.
  4. After a shower, remove all the excess water from your hair.
  5. Always apply a conditioner after a shampoo procedure. A conditioner rebuilds the strength of your hair.
  6. After a shower, apply a heat protectant to avoid any damage.
  7. When you blowdry your hair, use the cool air setting instead of the hot one.
  8. Do not apply any toxic baby powder to your hair. Many people would advise you to do that but don’t fall for them.
  9. Never step out in the sun without any kind of hair protection. If you can, wear a hat at all times.
  10. Do not apply any chemicals to your hair. Wait for them to recover first.

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Your hair represents you!

Who doesn’t get attracted to healthy hair? We all do but it is quite a job to keep them healthy and glowing. Hot showers are hair wreckers. The best thing you can do for your hair today is to avoid hot showers as much as you can. Change your shower habits. Reduce the time and temperature for your hair wash. Do this for the sake of your beautiful strands. Apply these changes and notice the difference they make.

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