How to Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally

Tired of uneven and dark skin on elbows and knees? Here is how you can lighten it.

Do you have dark knees and elbows? Despite a fair complexion, it is very common to have dark knees and elbows. These dark patches can affect your overall look and hit your confidence in the wrong way. However, there are many natural ways to lighten your dark elbows and knees. But before we find out those tips, let’s understand why your knees and elbows turn dark.

Why are Your Knees and Elbows Too Dark?

There is no one way but many reasons behind your dark knees and elbows. Are your knees and elbows regularly exposed to the sun? If yes, this might be the number one reason behind your dark patches. Secondly, do you suffer from a hormonal imbalance? This is an unnatural reason hence if you suffer from an imbalance, you might end up having dark patches around your knees and elbows. Accumulation of dead skin cells and constant friction are also two major reasons behind this changed colour. Since knees and elbows don’t have oil glands, these parts required special care and attention to ensure their appearance.

To help you lighten your dark knees and elbows, we have tested and analyzed a few natural tips. These tips and tricks can help you achieve the desired texture and colour of the skin around your knees and elbows. Read on to know how.

Natural Tips to Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows.

  1. Cucumber Scrub

Cucumber is popular for its super effective bleaching properties. For years, cucumber has served as a great bleaching agent to lighten dark elbows and knees. A good cucumber scrub clears dead skin cells and accumulated dirt on your skin. Also, it is a wonderful source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C and moisturizes your skin better than unnatural moisturizers.

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To achieve maximum results, cut a cucumber into thick slices. Rub those slices on your skin around your knees and elbows. Do this for 15 minutes straight. Leave the extracted cucumber for a while before you rinse off your elbows and knees. Use cold water to wash your arms and legs.

For better results, you can also extract cucumber juice and mix it with some lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your elbows and arms. For quick results, practice this tip on a daily basis.

  1. Aloe Vera Paste

You might already know how amazing Aloe Vera is for your skin. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that make it great for your skin. Aloe Vera is also a wonderful ingredient that treats uneven skin patches. To avail of all the benefits of Aloe Vera, mix it with milk and witness its magic.

Extract some amount of Aloe Vera gel and mix it with the same amount of milk. Mix until you achieve a thick paste. Apply this mixture on your elbows and knees and leave it for the night. The next morning, wash away the gel mixture with cold water. If you aren’t into using milk, apply the gel only. Follow this tip every day for a month at least.

  1. Honey with Lemon

You might not know already but honey is the most amazing natural moisturizer ever. It is your skin’s best companion and treats all skin issues as an expert.

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There are so many ways to apply the skin to uneven dark patches. The most used one involves adding half a lemon in two tablespoons of honey and some baking soda. Mix these three ingredients well and apply the mixture on your elbows and knees. After 20 minutes, wash the mixture using warm water only.

You can also make a honey mask with milk and aloe vera. In one tablespoon of honey add some milk and a tablespoon aloe vera gel. Mix well and form a thick paste. Apply the mixture on your skin and keep it for 20 minutes at least before you wash your skin with warm water.

  1. Yogurt Mask

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid. Lactic acid has anti-fungal properties which help with clear skin. Yogurt is a great ingredient on its own but when mixed with vinegar, it forms a brilliant mask. Vinegar is rich in acetic acid and cleanses your skin to gain an ultimate glow.

For this efficient mask, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to some yogurt. Mix well and apply the mixture on areas with uneven skin. Leave the mixture for 20 minutes and wash the mixture with some warm water. For quick results, repeat this tip at least 4 times a week.

  1. Turmeric Mask

Turmeric has been a regular ingredient to treat uneven skin for years. This spice removes dead skin cells and impurities accumulated around your skin. And the good thing is that it has no side effects. Turmeric is rich in a substance called curcumin. Curcumin slows down the unnatural production of melanin to lighten your dark complexion.

For the turmeric mask, add a tablespoon of milk to some turmeric powder. Mix well to form a paste. Apply the paste on your knees and elbows. Massage well and let the mask properly dry. Rinse your skin with warm water.

  1. Potato Juice

This juice is enriched with catecholase enzymes. These enzymes treat dark skin like a pro. Potato juice also hydrates your skin better than any expensive moisturizer.

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To achieve soft and light skin, apply potato juice on a daily basis. To do so, squeeze some potato juice into a glass. Take some juice and scrub it on your skin. Leave your skin for 20 minutes before you rinse it with warm water. End the process with an application of a moisturizer. If you aren’t in a mood to extract juice, cut a potato into two halves and rub them against your skin for 15 minutes. Once done, wash your skin with warm water.

Final Thoughts

We can’t stress enough the importance of self-care and cleaning your elbows and knees are just a part of it. Who doesn’t want fair, even and healthy-looking skin all around your body? We all do! So for that purpose only, follow the tips above and let us know which one worked for you.

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