Make Your Perfume Last All Day Long

Here is how you can smell your perfume throughout the day

Perfume is unquestionably an uplifting stimulant that can calm you, make you feel youthful, and act as a mood booster. It can give the person a sense of self-assurance that they always needed. Although it is always difficult to find the right perfume from the unlimited types of fragrance families once you find the scent you love, it can truly become a part of you.

Surely there is nothing worse than having a perfume which compliments your natural body odour and hits all the right notes but just won’t last long. Perfume can last for a few hours depending on how and where you are applying it, whether it is correctly stored or not, and how dry your skin is. These all factors along with others lead to your perfume lasting all day long without you applying it again every hour.

To make your scent last all day long, there are several tips and tricks that you should follow. Here are 8 Do’s and Dont’s that will help you make the most out of your perfumes without wasting much of it by enhancing the power of the perfumes.

Tips to increase the longevity of perfumes

  1. Know the different types of perfumes

How long the scent lasts on your skin depends largely on the formulation of the perfume. Stronger the level of concentration, the longer the scent lasts. More concentrated formulas also make these perfumes more pungent. Perfumes labelled Eau de perfume last longer than eau de toilette as it has a stronger formulation with eau de cologne having the least concentration. Eau de perfume is a little heavy on the pocket but worth it. The best thing to do right off the bat is to pick out the right formula and pay attention to how the perfumes are named and labelled to get an idea about the longevity of the perfume.

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  1. Moisturizing your skin is the way to go

Have you ever wondered why when your skin is dry the perfume doesn’t last long? The dryness and long-lasting effect of the perfume go in separate ways. Perfumes are formulated in such a way that they cling to the oil sitting on your skin easily and this retains the fragrance for longer. Moisturization is very important as this will prevent the skin from getting dry. Use of unscented body creams, lotions, and butter is recommended as scented ones might clash with the scent.

  1. Apply perfume to your pulse points

Pulse points are those points on our body where the blood runs close to the surface such as ankles, neck, and wrists so applying the scents on those areas will allow it to stay longer on the skin as the chemical molecules of the perfume are activated by the warmth of the blood. Simple science! Petroleum jelly or vaseline can also be used on the pulse points to form a barrier along the scent to hold on it longer. Make sure not to apply the perfume on sensitive skin. A little tip to apply the perfume on the back of your neck if you have long hair as the hair will prevent it from evaporating and the perfume will tend to stay for long on the neck.

  1. Always resist rubbing

After applying the perfume it’s kind of instinctive to rub the wrists together but actually, it leads to the chemical composition of the perfume breakdown slowly which eventually prevents it from lasting longer. Always Allow the fragrance to dry down naturally by itself so that it sticks with its own pace with the skin. To remove any excess perfume simply rub it on the pulse points which will also increase the longevity.

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  1. Use of hair perfumes

Never spray perfume directly to your hair as it will dry them out and your hair will be a mess. Instead, use hair perfumes that are specifically designed for your hair as the scent can stay longer in your hair. Find your favourite scent in them, and you are good to go. Hair Carrie’s scent well. Here is a little tip that if hair perfumes are not available, lightly spray the perfume on your hairbrush and comb your hair with it. It will give the same effect.

  1. Store perfumes in a cool, dry, and dark place

A common mistake that almost all the perfume users do is to store the perfumes in bathrooms. It’s a big no-no as a humid condition in the bathroom can lead to perfume molecules breakdown and affect the longevity of the perfume. Avoid putting the bottle in direct sunlight and typically you want to store it in a drawer or a temperature-controlled room.

  1. Apply the perfume at the right time

Always try to apply the perfume after a shower as your skin is still warm. The warmer the skin more the molecules of the liquid are easily activated and stick to the skin surface rapidly. Hence, the scent of the perfume tends to stay longer on the skin after a shower.

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  1. Avoid spraying perfume on clothing

Never apply scent to your clothes. Perfumes are formulated in such a way that they have a purpose to cling to one’s skin and spraying them on clothes will lead them to dry out quickly and hence the scent doesn’t stay for long. Moreover, perfumes tend to leave stains too on some fabrics such as silk so always try to apply it to direct skin especially on the pulse points.

Bottom Line

Perfumes make you feel energized and refreshed so apply them as much as you want. Mix them with a body lotion and apply them every night. Choose your scents wisely keeping in mind their composition and follow the above amazing tips to increase longevity and you are good to go for the day.

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