Mistakes You Might Be Making If You Have Thin Hair

Thin Hair

Surprising Revelations for people with thin hair

Hello thin-haired friend. Like every hair type, thin hair also have their pros and cons. Thin hair are considered generally smooth and soft, they dry up quickly when wet and look amazing in some haircut styles. But if not taken care of, these thin hair can look pretty unhealthy and unorganised.So yes if you are someone who owns thin hair and are totally proud of them, read on because we have some interesting revelations for you that can help you maintain your hair and can also if needed, help increase the thickness.

With thin hair, choose your haircut wisely

This isn’t a secret anymore that thin hair are hard to deal with. Styling them can be a tiring task as limp hair have the tendency to get easily damaged. It is so important that the cut you choose for thinning hair is solid that helps in creating density and movement. Over texturing and layering is a big no-no, infact opt for shorter hair like asymmetrical bobs, blunt cuts as they give the illusion of more weight, and a fuller head of hair! A good haircut will form a good base for you to maintain the health of your thin hair.

Avoid hot styling tools

Hair styling tools can be tempting because let’s face it, everyone, these days own at least one tool and are addicted to it. Curling your thin hair only to ad volume is every single thin-haired girl’s dream. But for the sake of your hair, avoid hot tools as much as you can. Heat is the strongest enemy of your thinning hair. Make sure you use a heat protector before ironing or curling your hair. Too much blow drying can dry thin hair which ruins the overall hair texture.

Opt for a sulphate-free shampoo

Products such as shampoos with sulfate can weigh your hair down. Both, thinning hair women and thinning hair men should use products that are sulfate-free. Conditioners that have a lighter density are also great for thinning hair so use those instead of heavy shampoos and conditioners.

Keep your hair length short

Thinning hair women, this might be a sad revelation for you but trust us it’s for your own good. Thin hair looks their best when short. It is then easy to maintain their shape. Also, thin hair looks thicker when they are short. Go for a chic bob cut or a pixie cut. A ducktail for thinning hair men is a very trendy hair style and looks good with any face cut.

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Do not dry your hair with a towel

If you do the above then avoid it completely from now on. Thinning hair men doing this are welcoming breakage which isn’t a positive thing to do with your hair. In order to dry your hair after a shower takes the help of a t-shirt or a piece of cloth. Gently rub the cloth over your wet head. This will not only help reduce the frizz but will also help in preventing the hair cuticles from getting rough.

A tight ponytail is a no-no

You know it’s hot and a tight ponytail can help you reduce the sweating caused by your hair but you do not know that a tight ponytail pulls hair out at the root and is so bad for your thin hair. Your thin hair will look great in a light braid or a pin-up hairstyle. There are hair-catchers easily available that can help keep your hair tied up in a pony or simply you can always choose to keep them open and loose and flaunt them proudly.

Avoid hair products as much as you can

Hair products such as hair color can be tempting to use but see, there is so much chemical going through them to your hair which will only reduce the strength of hair even more. Oiling is great but excessive oiling can make your hair feel and look greasy. The best thing to do is to reduce the usage of hair products so that they can live and breathe.

Hope these revelations weren’t daunting and scary. To see big improvements in your thinning hair, try practicing these tips. Do good to your thin hair to feel good about your hair.

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