How To Stop Your Hair Color Fading Fast

Read ahead to save yourself from a fast hair-color fading incident.

Giving your hair a fresh change has never been too easy. Hair colouring has been around for years now but with time and experience, new techniques have changed the dynamics completely. There is a variety of them. Ombre, Balayage, Highlights, you name it. The only reason people have become fond of hair colouring today is because of a variety of colour technique options. However, your hair colour demands time and money. Hair colouring is an expensive business and with so much money put into it, it is fair to expect the hair colour to stay long.

If you are fond of hair colouring, remember, it requires maintenance. Irrespective of the quality of colour you have used, without hair care and maintenance it fades off really quickly. Color-treatment is a big deal. You have to make sure you use the right hair products to ensure it’s long life. To save you from a fast and early colour loss, we have listed a few helpful tips below.

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Tips to Save your Coloured Hair

A hair color is a color at the end of the day. It is deemed to fade after lots of hair washes. But you can always increase the time it takes to fade out. Find out how you can do that, below.

  1. Products with Color-Treatment Formulas

Every shampoo and conditioner has its own unique formula. It is made for a particular hair mission. Hence, it is important to choose the right product to take care of your hair. For your coloured hair, always look for shampoos that are made for coloured hair only. There are shampoos and conditioners for bolder hair dyes and there specific ones for silver or light coloured hair. To ensure you use the right shampoo, always read the labels and instructions first.

  1. Use a Hair Mask

Quick color fading requires much more than a right shampoo or a conditioner. Masking is a well-rested technique to keep your hair moisturized, healthy and strong for long. But does it also slow down the fading of hair color? Yes, it does! A good hair mask binds the colour with your hair strongly so enjoy your new hair for long. It also nourishes your hair for a smooth hair experience. Hair colour doesn’t stay on rough and dry hair and for that, you must apply a hair mask two times every week. An easy way is to take some mask in your hand and move your fingers along your hair strands. Keep it for 5 minutes maximum before you wash it off with water. Always apply a mask after you are completely done with shampooing and conditioning. Consistent use of a hair mask will elevate your hair care and give life to your long-lasting hair colour.

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  1. Avoid Hot Showers

As much as you love a hot shower every day, it is not safe for your hair. A hot shower makes your hair dry and dehydrated. The dehydration makes your hair look dull, even with a bold colour. For extra care, shower under mild hot water or lukewarm water. If you want to be a step ahead, cover your hair and wash your body with hot water. Then uncover your hair and use cold water to wash them. Follow this tip and witness the wonderful hair glow you will get.

  1. Use Heat Protectant Before Heat Styling

We do not recommend styling your hair with straighteners or blow dryers but on days you can’t avoid them, use a hair protectant first. A hair protectant reduces the damage caused by heat styling and prevents any kind of hair dryness.

  1. Use an Air dryer

As mentioned above, heat is an all-time enemy of smooth and coloured hair. It is something that should be avoided. It enables a fast hair colour fading process. To save your hair from this misery, try air drying over blow drying. A dry dryer enhances your hair texture and leaves your hair looking healthy and strong. After an air dryer session, you witness lots of volume and hair glow.

  1. Go for Touch-Ups

To ensure your hair colour looks fresh and new all the time, go for frequent colour touch-ups. Touch-ups revitalize your hair and improve the intensity of your hair colour. Moreover, it brings back your hair shine. Touch-ups aren’t as expensive as a whole colour treatment so you can go for a session once every month.

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Final Thoughts

The above tips will slow down a fast hair colour fading process but can’t stop it completely. There will come a time when you will have to touch your hair colour again. For easy colour treatment, keep a hair colour box at home. If you know how to colour your roots and strands, try hair colouring at home. If you have no idea whatsoever, visit a beauty salon for a treatment.

You can either get your hair coloured in the existing colour or get a completely changed look. In either case, remember hair colouring is a tough business. It involves chemicals and dyes. If you want your hair to look healthy for long, perform good aftercare. Your hair needs you as much as you need them.

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