Mehndi Colour | Tips To Get A Dark Henna Color

10 Tips to Achieve Dark Henna Color Every Time

Raise your hand if you love applying mehndi. Be it a wedding or eid festivities, so many girls around the world love getting mehndi designs on their hands and feet.

While this tradition is pretty old, there are still so many mehndi lovers in the Asian and western communities. However, not everyone gets to enjoy the dark henna colour every time. With so many mehndi products available in the market today, not every henna cone produces the desired result.

If you are gearing up for the upcoming eid or wedding day and can’t wait to apply mehndi, here is something you should know. Below are interesting tips to make sure your henna colour comes darker than ever.

Tips to Get Dark Henna Color

  1. Use a Well- Reputed Henna Brand

If you want your henna to come out beautiful and bright, make sure to invest in a good mehndi brand. With so many brands available in the market today, you might get confused.

However, you can always check customer reviews or expert recommendations online to make the right purchase. Moreover, avoid buying henna that is available at a pretty cheap rate. Such brands use a lot of chemicals to produce their products and that’s not what you want. To achieve your desired results, prioritize quality every time.

How To Make Ubtan For Fairness

  1. Clean All Areas Before Application

To make sure your mehndi completely absorbs in your skin, please clean your palms and feet before henna application. This is important to ensure no layers of dust particles are present to hinder the absorption process.

Also, avoid applying any cream or lotions. This is essential to remove any barrier that may hinder henna from adjusting on your skin. The colour of mehndi is directly proportional to the way your skin accepts this product.

  1. Avoid Blow dryers

Do you find yourself shaking your hands or using blow dryers to dry your hands? Well if you do, better avoid it. Let the natural heat in the air dry your mehndi. The constant shaking or artificial drying may ruin the mehndi design that you have already put so much effort into.

  1. Apply Oil

If you aren’t applying for anything before the mehndi application, you are definitely doing a great job. However, make oil an exception. After washing your palms and feet, apply mustard or eucalyptus oil on your dry hands to create a smooth surface for henna to absorb. Not only will your hands smell great, but the oil will also help the henna to absorb in your skin effectively.

  1. Use Clove Smoke

According to experts, smoke coming out of burnt cloves helps to improve the colour of the henna. If you believe in such tips, there is no harm in trying. Take a pan with clove over a medium flame. Let the cloves burn and produce smoke. Put your henna-designed palms over the pan and let your skin absorb the heat. Do it for a few minutes and see if it makes any difference.

  1. Apply Sugar and Lemon

The mixture of sugar in lemon juice does make a lot of difference in your henna colour. After your mehndi has completely dried up, gently brush the sugar and lemon blend on your palms. You can also use a cotton ball to apply the blend. However, don’t go overboard with this application. The juice may lighten your mehndi and ruin your design.

  1. Invest Time

If you are crazy about good henna colour, make sure you are mentally prepared to invest in some good long hours. You will get tired and would want to give up, but keep hanging in there. Remember yourself you are doing this because you don’t want to ruin your hands with dull mehndi colour.

  1. Delay Your Beauty Treatments

If you want to get a manicure or pedicure right after applying mehndi, delay it. Or you can always get these procedures before your henna day. All kinds of beauty treatments use creams and chemicals that may scrape the top mehndi layers from your skin. If you want to make your mehndi look dark for a long, better avoid all kinds of beauty products.

  1. Avoid Water

Do not wash your henna laden hands for at least 24 hours. It may be a struggle for some but allow the mehndi some time on your skin to produce your desired results. Don’t let even tiny drops of water seep into your skin. Water can remove henna layers and create barriers to prevent absorption.

  1. Give Henna Time to Settle Down

Apply mehndi at least two to three days before your main event. Mehndi takes time to show its dark side. Also, you have enough time to apply Vicks or oil on your hand to produce dark-coloured henna.

The Takeaway

If you are crazy about the henna application, these tips will definitely help you. Make sure you use a good brand of henna and avoid mehndi with just chemicals and nothing natural. Also, prepare yourself for the time this process may take.

Here’s wishing you beautiful henna laden hands at every event!

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