Wedding Day Beauty for the Bride | Do’s and Don’ts

The Beauty Do’s and Don’ts for every bride on her big day

Are you getting married soon? Well, first of all, congratulations and second of all don’t panic. We know how important it is for every bride to look her best on her big day but somehow or the other things just don’t go as planned. It is a pressure to look picture perfect but when things don’t go well most brides panic. Sometimes the makeup is too bright or the lip shade is too dull. These errors happen when you fail to pre-plan your look.

To save you from that panicky stage, here is a list of Do’s and Don’ts that you must read to ensure your beauty is on point on your main day.

Tips for Bride to Be.

  1. Don’t forget to hydrate

If you don’t want to look gloomy or dull on your wedding day, start drinking enough water and fresh juices right away. Yes. Be warned! It is as important as breathing. No makeup, cheap or expensive settles well on dehydrated and dry skin. So, take this seriously.

  1. Do plan your look

Always research and know what you want. Be clear of how you want to look. Be sure of your hairstyle, makeup and dress. Draw sketches, take screenshots or capture photos. Do everything you can to finalize your look and do not change it at the very last minute. Planning will save you from the last day panic and help manage time.

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  1. Don’t apply too much shimmer

If you do not want to resemble a disco ball, avoid too much shimmer. A shimmery makeup doesn’t look good with an already shimmery dress and sparkling jewellery. If you are too fond of shimmer and glitter, apply a little on your cheekbones and on your eyelids. That’s about it!

  1. Do wear fake but quality eyelashes

As much as we are against anything fake, we do recommend fake eyelashes at least on your big day. Fake eyelashes accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger. Such affect is impossible to achieve through mascara only. Make sure to always use branded and top-quality glue to bind the fake lashes with your original ones.

  1. Don’t use too much powder

We know how obsessed our people are with white brides but that in no way means you should cover your face with powder. Face powder does help to absorb excess oil on your face but too much can make your face look cakey. If you do not plan to scare off your guests, use powder moderately.

  1. Do contour your neck

This is important. You must have come across a number of brides who completely forget to contour their necks. As a result, the complexion of the neck fails to match the face. Don’t go to your wedding hall looking like a two-toned person. Your skin must look even throughout.

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  1. Don’t compromise on makeup products

We know weddings can be expensive and buying everything from your own pocket is hard. Because of this reason, many brides compromise on the quality of the makeup products they buy. Do not do that! Anything that affects your skin or body must be of a higher quality. You can always choose a less expensive dress or an affordable venue but avoid playing with your skin.

  1. Do moisturize every night

Make this a habit. From today to your wedding night, do not skip a night without an application of good moisture. An effective moisturising session is not only good for your skin’s softness but also helps with keeping your skin bright and glowing on your big day.

  1. Don’t apply too much tan

Similar to too much powder, avoid using too much tan. An excessive application of a tan spray can hide your good features, change your bone structure and ruin the makeup applied. If you are really fond of tan, apply once and that’s it. Let your natural complexion highlight your bridal makeup.

  1. Do wear hair extensions

Hair extensions are a good way to make your hair look healthy, thick and long. With hair extensions, you can always style your hair in any way you can. Make sure the hair extensions are very convenient to attach and remove. Use the ones with clips so that you can remove them comfortably.

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Final Words

We hope this list of Do’s and Don’ts will guide you to plan your big day perfectly. Put an effort and see the difference it makes. Irrespective of how you look, don’t forget to enjoy your big day. It won’t come again.

Here is to your happy married life and togetherness!

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