Tips to Make Your Nail Paint Last Longer

Learn some amazing tips to rock that blood-red nail paint for a long time!

Oh, how many times we’ve wished to make our manicures last longer than usual. The pain of seeing that nail polish chip off after a single hand wash makes us want to cry out loud, right? And, in all those times, all we have wished for is to make that nail polish last longer, haven’t we?

So, to put an end to your woes, we have compiled a list of all those tips that you can use to keep your nail paint as new as ever.

Rub Garlic Or Strengthener On Your Nails

They say healthy nails hold the nail polish together for a long duration. Garlic is known to be a nail strengthener, so use this desi totka and rub a little piece on your nails to make them healthy. You can also use some other strengthening product to make your nails grow strong.

Swipe Nail Polish Remover Over Your Nails

Even if you have no nail paint on them, apply some remover on the nails. You know what, this step removes all the extra oils from your nails. Once done with the step, apply the nail polish. It is a tried and tested method, which helps the nail paint last longer.

Always Buff Your Nails After Filing Them

Buff Your Nails

You just cannot miss out on this step. Always remember to buff your nails after filing them. At times, our nails get damaged from all the chores we have to complete in a day. Those tiny splits might not be visible under the naked eye, but our nails beg for some extra care. So take that buffer and rub it across your nails. Buffing helps heal the keratin layers on nails. Therefore, when you apply nail paint over freshly buffed nails, they will shine brighter than usual and the colour will stay put for long.

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Don’t Shake, Roll

We often tend to shake the nail colour bottles before opening them for application, but that isn’t how it’s supposed to be done. You have to hold the bottle in your hand and roll it between your fingers. Otherwise, bubbles build up in the bottle if you shake it. When you roll it, you mix the colour together.

Keep The Cuticles Safe

Yes, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but you have to avoid getting paint on the cuticles. The nail colour comes off quicker from the skin than the nail, so once it gets off from the cuticle, it chips off some paint from the nail as well.

Wait Before Applying The Second Coat

Applying nail paint is a whole other ballgame, you just cannot ace it overnight. It takes a whole lot of practice and patience to get it just right.

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To let it stick to the nails for a long time, wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second one. If you apply the second coat before waiting, you mess up the first coat and it gets messy and thick. The thick paint then chips off quicker than usual and looks ugly.

So girls, with patience come great things.

No Nail-biting

You have to take extra care of your teeth if you want the nail paint to stick longer. You have to consciously remind yourself from biting your nails and destroying those beautifully manicured hands. Secondly, nail-biting is not good for health.

Moreover, you cannot break the nail away with your hands either. Take care of your nails, ladies and the nail paints will take care of themselves.

Buy A Pair Of Gloves

If you’re doing the dishes, laundry, cutting veggies or cleaning the house, always wear gloves to keep your hands nice and clean. You cannot expect the nail polish to magically stay put while you make your hands go through a grind. A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do to keep her nail paint on for a long time.

Use Hand Cream To Hydrate

Nails tend to get brittle and weak if you don’t moisturize them at least twice a day. To retain their shine, wash your hands and apply hand cream. This way, your nail polish also gets hydrated and stays on for long.

Dry It Out

After you’ve applied the two coats on your nails, dry them under air or use an electric fan. Make sure you don’t touch the nails with your fingertip to check if the colour has dried. This way, you can ruin the nail paint.

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Don’t Soak Your Nails

No matter how much you love those long, long bubble baths, you have to save your nails. Soaking them in water for a long time makes them expand. Once the nails dry out, the nail paint shrinks and cracks open. So, you have to skip the soaking part.

Use A Strong Top Coat

Topcoats provide resistance than just give you a patent-leather finish. Get a good, chip-resistant lacquer to keep your polish from peeling over time.

Stick Your Hands Under UV Light

If you happen to have a UV light at home, then place your hands underneath after freshly applying nail colour. Oh also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen before going forward with this step.


You can try out these steps one by one to see which one works best for you. Other than that, you can always try out things that work for you. However, in this article, we’ve tried to cover up the maximum aspects of the nail paint saving procedure. We hope this helps you out in the future.

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