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Get the perfect wedding makeup look for the monsoon season!

Weddings are one of the most important events in the life of a bride and they want the day just to go smoothly with their perfect makeup and so extra effort is put into the bridal one.

The makeup for sure needs to be according to the bride’s taste but it should also cater to the problems that may occur due to the season in which the wedding is taking place.

Monsoon Wedding Makeups

As most of the brides now choose the monsoon season for their wedding because of the lush greenery and cool weather but at the same time we certainly can’t ignore the fact that monsoon season brings about a lot of humidity too!

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This humidity often results in the bride’s makeup turning patchy and her face looking greasy and oily. Nobody ever wants that right?

Many makeup artists suggest that monsoon brides should always start working beforehand on their skin to make it look more healthy and shiny before their big day so that the makeup stays on it for the longest time without becoming patchy. The next important thing for monsoon brides is to follow all the important makeup tips for this season to get a flawless look that will make all the people go aww!

To get the makeup look of your dreams on your wedding you must consider these makeup tips that we have noted down for all the monsoon brides.

Makeup Tips

  • Prep your skin with ice

Ice works like magic on your skin! Before applying all the heavy makeup products on your skin, always prep it by rubbing some ice cubes gently on your face for about 10 minutes. This will help to control the excessive sweating due to humidity, but it will also help calm your nerves and make you feel relaxed to enjoy your big day calmly! Don’t be harsh with applying ice cubes as they can be sharp too!

  • Say no to the cream foundation!

Monsoon brides here are a very important tip for you; ditch your cream foundations and opt for a water-based foundation for the season. It blends very easily and will prevent your face from looking greasy, unlike cream foundations, which will eventually make the whole makeup look oily due to the humid weather. Plus do apply the foundation with a brush and not with fingers to prevent any further oiliness on your face. Make sure you use a good quality water-based foundation to get the desired results!

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  • Use oil-absorbing and oil-free products

Using oil-free products such as primers will help the skin look fresh and prevent any sweat from cleansing all your makeup and your face looking oily. Top the makeup off with oil-absorbing powders that control the sweat and oils on your face and will help the makeup not look greasy at all. It will also help your makeup to last longer! Blotting papers can also come in handy to cleanse off any excess oil on your face. Humid weather leads to excessive sweat secretion so make sure to cater to that problem!

  • Avoid extra glitter and shimmer on your face!

Trust me for makeup, “less is more!” Always opt for much simpler and subtle makeup looks for the humid monsoon weather. Adding too much glitter and shimmer to your face will make it look shiny and glossy, which will not look good in pictures. So to have a picture perfect look for this weather use simple gold or silver eyeshadows with matte makeup to have the perfect amount of glam without looking over the top!

  • Use waterproof makeup

Another important tip for monsoon brides is to always opt for waterproof makeup, including mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadows, etc. These products will prevent the colour from fading because of humidity and your eyeliner will remain perfect all day! Investing in such products is very necessary although it will be a little more expensive than normal mascaras and eyeliners trust me this investment is worth it. After a long and stressful day, you’ll find your makeup in its place for sure!

  • Avoid putting mascara on lower lashes

Just a little tip for monsoon brides is to avoid putting mascara on lower lashes as the humidity might make your under eyes greasy and this will result in all the mascara spreading around your eyes. Nobody wants a black eye right? Make sure to avoid putting it on the lower lashes. Again if you use waterproof mascara then it is a win-win situation!

  • Set your makeup properly

Correctly setting your makeup is very necessary to allow the makeup to stay on your face for the longest time possible. Apply translucent powder after you are done with your base to get a more airbrushed look, hiding any imperfection or pores. Finish off your look with a good quality setting spray that will make sure that the makeup remains perfect throughout the day without smudging due to the humid weather.

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Weddings for sure become magical in monsoon seasons but also the humid weather comes with its own set of challenges.


Now brides do not need to stress over it as by following all of the above stated tips, you are surely able to achieve that matte and fresh makeup look that will look great in pictures. Invest wisely in all of these products and you are good to go to enjoy the most important event of your life without stressing over your makeup!

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