Vaseline for Eyebrows – Can It Make Them Grow Fuller?

Can Vaseline Make Your Eyebrows Look, Fuller? Let’s Find Out!

Vaseline That We All know!

Vaseline is a petroleum-based product, which consists of oils and waxes. It tends to be very useful in skincare remedies as it helps to provide moisture and protects skin from external environmental factors. It also helps with fine lines and wrinkles.

Many people with dry skin use Vaseline as an anti-ageing product because it gives a great amount of moisturizing boost to your skin. But it is not suitable for all skin types. People with combination and oily skin may face acne as it blocks the pores.

Vaseline also helps in healing wounds. It does not burn the skin. Moreover, it helps in removing flakiness and patchiness from any part of your body and is also proven beneficial for other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

It acts as a physical barrier preventing the escape of moisture. One of the other benefits is that its fragrance-free solution acts as a skin conditioning product.

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Does Vaseline Help your Eyebrows Grow Fuller?

If you want to grow your eyebrows, Vaseline may not be the best option as there is little to no evidence that Vaseline will help you to grow your eyebrows.

Vaseline does have many benefits for skincare, and for medical purposes. However, it does not work as a hair stimulator and does not affect the hair follicle, so it does not affect eyebrow hair.

It will help them look neat and condition them and provide you with a sophisticated look. Although it helps in giving the impression that you have fuller eyebrows.

This is because when you use Vaseline to coat your eyebrows they will get thick and hence they will appear as fuller brows. Many beauty bloggers and beauticians use Vaseline as a brow gel, and it works wonders by keeping hair in place without damaging them.

Eyebrows Hair Growth

Considering the normal hair growth cycle of a human being, the hair on your eyebrows works in the same cycle.

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According to research eyebrow hair grows actively after every three to four months. And during that three to fourth-month hair does not grow actively. Therefore, it is advised not to pluck your hair if you want to fully grow your eyebrows.

You can use oils on your eyebrows that will stimulate hair growth and nourish the hair follicle, which will help in speeding up the process. For that, you need to be patient for three to four months. After this period, you will be able to know your real eyebrow shape and modify it according to your fashion style and comfort.

Vaseline: Is it Safe to Use on your Brows?

Yes, Vaseline is completely safe to use anywhere and safe for all ages. It is proven to be very beneficial not only in skincare but for medical purposes as well.

From a baby to an old person, it is very safe, and it provides a boost of moisture within the skin as it is a mixture of oils and waxes. Moreover, it is safe for your brows as well as it does not help in increasing your hair growth but at the same time, it does not weaken your hair follicle either.

For brows, it’s only used for styling purposes and providing a fuller look. Apart from that, there are always precautions that this product is not for eating purposes and keep it away from your eyes as people use it for setting their eyelashes as well.

How and When to Apply Vaseline to your Brows

There are many ways to apply Vaseline to your brows. However, the best method would be to use a minimum quantity to achieve the best results. First, you need to have an eyebrow brush, if you do not have an eyebrow brush you can also use the old wand of your mascara, which will work perfectly fine.

The first step is to brush your eyebrows before applying Vaseline. After that, you need to put a very small amount of Vaseline on your brows and brush them again. Too much product will leave you with too much greasiness on your brows which does not look nice.

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Most beauty bloggers use it in their daily routines. It is preferable to use it in the morning or during the day as a part of your daily self-care routine. Though it is not preferable to use it before sleeping as it does not help in the hair growth of the eyebrows, it just helps in making them fully look temporarily and provides you with a subtle neat look.

Are There Any Side Effects of Using Vaseline on Eyebrows?

There are no short-term side effects on your brows, as it helps in providing the illusion of fuller, moisturized, and hydrated fresh hair. But considering it is made of oil and wax infusions, it naturally creates a barrier between the skin and water. If you wash your face without any face wash, the oil will still be there acting as a barrier.

For the short term, your hair will be very moisturized, but for the longer period, it will clog your pores and prevent oxygen and water from touching your skin. This can result in dry eyebrows. And these clogged pores will eventually lead to acne and fungal bacteria.

So, coming towards the pro tip: if you are using Vaseline for your brows it is very important to remove it as well when you no longer need it. It is a crucial part of the self-care routine. And following that tip will help you avoid facing issues like acne and milia.

Key Takeaway Pointers

Vaseline does not help you grow eyebrows; it does not have any effect on the hair follicle which is why it is also safe to use on the face as well.

It only creates an illusion that you have a fuller eyebrow. The process of using Vaseline on brows is very basic and can be included in daily self-care.

There are no short-term problems, but if not cared for and not used properly it can cause acne and milia in the longer run and dehydrate your brow hair as well.

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