Eyes Makeup Tips For Sensitive Eyes

People who have ever had psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, or even hives know how much a flare-up can interrupt even the most basic of daily activities. We often have no idea what prompted our most recent emotion, let alone how to get through our day without exacerbating it. And what about wearing cosmetics on special occasions? Talk about intimidating.

There are tips and tricks to navigating cosmetics applications, just as there are tips and tricks to navigating your skincare routine, especially during its most sensitive phases. Applying makeup to sensitive or redness-prone skin requires only a few deliberate strategies to minimize discolouration and highlight regions that aren’t as picky.

Here, we will list down some tips for you to follow to take care of your sensitive skin.

  1. Make Sure to Use Eye Drops Before Wearing Makeup

When applying eye makeup, make sure you use eye drops. This may reduce the amount of tearing. Don’t just use any eye drops you see on the shelf. If you have sensitive or easily irritated eyes, make sure to ask your doctor for a recommendation. The eye drops I use eliminate dust and moisturize the eyes, as well as reduce redness.

Makeup Products that Offer Skin Care Benefits

  1. Dump Those Expired Makeup Products

Every makeup has an expiration date, and it’s critical to discard any that are past their prime. This is a regulation that should be followed with all cosmetics, but especially with eye makeup that comes into contact with this sensitive area. For people with sensitive eyes, this can genuinely help reduce inflammation, watering, itching, and redness. The shelf life of your items is usually mentioned on the label, but if in doubt, follow these general makeup expiration guidelines:

  • 3 months for mascara.
  • 6 months for lipsticks and lip glosses.
  • Lipstick and eyeliner 6 to 12 months with pencils.
  • 9 months for cream-based formulations.
  • 9 to 12 months for powder-based formulae.
  • Replace the SPF in the calculation with the expiration date on the package.
  1. Use Products With Hypoallergenic Label

There are a bunch of hypoallergenic makeup products on the market these days. This suggests they’re appropriate for persons with sensitivities, such as sensitive eyes or skin. Hypoallergenic mascaras, eye shadows, and eyeliners are available. Traditional cosmetic products can irritate your eyes because they include chemicals that can irritate them.

  1. Make Sure Your Tools Are Clean

Make sure to wash your makeup products and brushes on a regular basis to avoid bacteria buildup, which can cause discomfort and runny eyes. Also, make certain that the makeup you’re using isn’t too old or outdated.

Makeup Ingredients to Avoid If you Have Dry Skin

  1. Stay Away From The Waterline

In the beauty world, heavily rimmed lids with a lot of liners are always fashionable. There’s just one problem: these liner-heavy looks can irritate sensitive eyes. Line your eyes as near to your waterline as you can without touching it as an option. For a more edgy, modern design, start the line halfway around your lid. Start halfway across your lower lash line with your liner and draw to the outside corners to meet your cat eye.

  1. Use Waterproof Mascara

Whenever mascara clumps, smudges, or flakes, the substance can get into your eyes and irritate them. Hello, Lashes Volumizing Mascara with Lash Serum is a smudge-proof product that won’t clump or flake, according to ophthalmologists. It’s also engineered for easy removal and contains lash-loving nutrients including argan oil, jojoba oil, and biotin. For anyone with sensitive eyes, this mascara is a game changer.

  1. Before Going To Bed, Remove Your Makeup

When you’re tired, removing your makeup may seem like a waste of time. Failure to remove eye makeup can clog oil glands, resulting in infections, styes, and pimples on your eyelids and face. If you have sensitive eyes, look for cleaning products that don’t contain scents, oils, Diazolidinyl urea, or sodium lauryl sulfate.

The cleanser for the job is Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm. It effortlessly removes makeup while delivering a skin-softening anti-ageing serum. Simply massage a little amount into fresh skin, then rinse with warm water and pat dry before continuing with your skincare routine.

  1. Don’t Share Your Makeup

You’re more likely to get a bacterial infection if you share makeup. No matter how close you are to your friends or family, you don’t want to catch an infection from them or expose them to bacteria from your cosmetics.

If you utilize testers at makeup counters, contamination can be an issue. Instead, inquire about tiny, personal-size sample sizes.

Have you ever been tempted to use a free makeover offered at a cosmetics counter? Before you do so, request that the employee clean the makeup brushes and applicators that will be used on you.

  1. Don’t Use Moisturizer On Your Eyelids

After cleaning your skin in the morning and evening, you should apply moisturizer, but avoid putting it on your eyelids. These cosmetics can “travel” and get into your eyes as they warm up on your skin. Itchy eyes, watery eyes, discomfort, and redness may result. Instead, apply your moisturizer around the orbital bone, including eye cream.

  1. Stay Away From Base Powder

When applying a loose powder base or foundation, the powder gets into the eyes and irritates them, causing them to tear or itch. To give your base a great finish, avoid using it and instead, use compact powder or a finishing bridal makeup setting spray.

  1. Use No Tug Eyeliner

Few things are more irritating than using eyeliner or eyeshadow that scrapes against your delicate eyelid when applying makeup. There are even superior formulations out there that will make applying eye makeup a genuine pleasure!

The 12 attractive colours of Superhero No-Tug Waterproof Eyeshadow Sticks are an excellent example. These creamy, long-wear eyeshadows blend easily and slide smoothly across your lids. Plus, the crease-resistant composition eliminates the need for midday touch-ups.

The Superhero No-Tug Sharpenable Gel Eyeliner has the same easy glide consistency and can be used to create a variety of effects. Black, espresso, blue, and emerald are among the eight high-impact colours available.

Wrapping Up

We feel, for starters, these tips will suffice for now. As you go up on the ladder, practising your makeup skills, you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

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