Interesting Makeup Facts And Myths

Everyone has fantastic makeup information and tips: social media, beauty influencers, and your friend’s sister. Unfortunately, the majority of such suggestions seem to be myths. When it comes to bridal makeup, trial and error isn’t an option.

Your skin is delicate, whether normal, dry, or sensitive, and you must ensure that the makeup you use does not irritate it. We hope the following collection of makeup myths and facts will assist you in making informed judgments.

Myth #1: Primers and Moisturizers Are The Same

The Fact
Primers, which have a completely different formula than moisturizers, aid in applying foundation by establishing a smooth base and extending its wear time. A primer lowers pore size, fills tiny wrinkles, and prevents oiliness.

A primer should be applied after moisturizing the skin and before applying the foundation, unlike the moisturizer, which only moisturizes and controls dryness.

Myth 2: Not Everyone Can Look Good In Red Lips

The Fact
Many youngsters and rookies in the makeup industry believe this misconception, however, it is completely false!

Red lipstick looks great on everyone. The main thing to keep in mind is to match your skin tone to the appropriate red. Blue undertone reds are generally flattering. As a result, you can experiment with several red tints to see which one best suits you.

Myth 3: Makeup Does Not Expire

The Fact
No, it’s a strange makeup myth. Your cosmetics do have an expiration date.

Ohh… They surely do expire!

The product’s shelf life starts counting down the moment you open the box. That was printed on the goods by the producers. Repeatedly using an expired product can create inflammation, which is not desirable.

Myth 4: You Can Keep Your Makeup On When You Go To Bed

The Fact
This cosmetics myth is completely false. Before going to bed, you must always remove your make-up. Makeup can block pores and interfere with the skin production and moisturizing process that occurs as you sleep.

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Myth 5: You Can Increase The Size of Your Lips with a Plumper

The Fact
If you have thin lips, you may have heard lip plumpers increase the size of your lips for you. It contains hot pepper, cinnamon, menthol, and caffeine, all of which irritate the lips and cause swelling. It is a common misperception that it is a treatment with a longer duration of action. Indeed, it is not a long-term lip plumping procedure. Lip augmentation using hyaluronic acid serum fillers is the only way to provide permanent results for thinner lips.

Myth 6: You Cannot Match the Eyeshadow With Your Eye Color

The Fact
Contrasting eye makeup and eye colour may really elevate and make your eyes sparkle, but it doesn’t mean you can’t match your eyeshadow to your eye colour.

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It is a common myth that brown eyes cannot wear brown eyeshadow and that blue eyes cannot wear blue eyeshadow. In fact, coordinating colours can make a powerful statement.

Myth 7: Go For a Foundation Lighter Than Your Skin Tone

The Fact
Foundation is a beauty product that is applied to the skin to balance out the tone and give it a flawless appearance. However, many individuals believe that looking fair is the only way to appear faultless. Certainly not!

Most South Asians have a dark brown complexion and use foundations that are far lighter than our actual skin tone. After application, it gives the skin a grey and ashy appearance. Matching your jawline is the greatest method to pick the correct colour. You’ve chosen the proper colour if the foundation blends easily onto your skin. If it is difficult to apply and leaves a grey finish on your skin after application, it is the incorrect shade.

Myth 8: Pricey Products Are Always Better Than Cheap Ones

The Fact
Don’t take it for granted that you’ll get what you pay for. Sure, pricey things will help you, but so will much less expensive alternatives. You do not have to withdraw from your fixed deposit. Many makeup products have essentially the same components.

So you need to debunk these ridiculous makeup misconceptions for yourself and buy something you believe is safe for your skin.

Myth 9: Your Skin Breaks Out Because of Makeup

The Fact
There is no scientific evidence that cosmetics trigger acne outbreaks. Acne and other infections can be caused by poor hygiene and the use of expired or low-quality goods.

Improper washing, sleeping with makeup on, and using dirty brushes are all common causes of breakouts after a party or wedding. Using the wrong products, such as a dewy-finish foundation on overly oily skin, can also create breakouts.

Myth 10: Makeup Can Make Your Skin Feel Tingly

The Fact
After applying makeup, tingling or feeling chilly on the skin is never a good thing, is it? The sensation is caused by the product’s chemicals, which irritate your skin. So, if you experience tingling or irritation after applying the lotion, it’s better to stop using it.

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Hello cosmetic lovers, it is critical to have clear concepts while purchasing and applying makeup products. Following everything you hear blindly can lead to disappointment when you discover that after following the cosmetics facts, you are still unable to attain the intended effects. Instead, learn about the products’ ingredients and your skin’s colour, hue, tone, texture, and type.

If you do that, only then will you be able to select the appropriate makeup items for yourself, and we are confident that they will provide you with the looks you have always desired.

Myth 11: Concealer Hides Blemishes

The Fact
Concealer simply helps dark spots appear lighter. Foundations, in my opinion, are more effective in concealing flaws. Take a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply a small amount to the blemish and pat it in place. Keep it from spreading. Wait a few minutes before applying your regular foundation.


Now that we have busted all these myths for you, we hope they can help you look amazing on your big and wonderful days!

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